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Despite of the fact that Air cite their influences as the
Beach Boys, the Beatles and Burt Bacharach they are,
undoubtedly, one of the most exciting sounds to emerge from
'90s Electronica. Call it what you want-
ambient/lounge/disco/pop/ kitsch/moogweirdness (!) Air have
succeded in producing a sound that is both futuristic and
retro, not quite fitting into any cosy niche ... In the
words of Nicolas, they are akin to the moon which has been
"here for so long now and we still want to go's
like music."

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Review about Air songs
mood | Reviewer: bonobo bobo
    ------ About the song How Does It Make You Feel performed by Air

well i really thought it was about another person. cause face it all of us had this feeling at one point in life.
but cigarette smoking does supplement that somehow. i like smoking. only when i drink but still.

meaning? | Reviewer: JPC
    ------ About the song Playground Love performed by Air

what do you think is the meaning of these lyrics? In my view these lyrics talk about a love that is not seen as something deep or meaningful (i'm a highschool lover), but, still, it grows unexpectedly (yet my hands are shaking; you're the piece of gold that flashes on my soul).
What a great song Does It Again! | Reviewer: Tim
    ------ About the song You Make It Easy performed by Air

This website maintains the most accurate representation of "You Make It Easy" by AIR as compared to any other lyrics site. Furthermore, it is the only one that published the final, nearly inaudible line "So watch me fall in love." Props where props are due, I always say.

correction to keely | Reviewer: Ann
    ------ About the song Suicide Underground performed by Air

The song is not based on the film, it is based on the novel by Jeffrey Eugenides with the same title. The film (directed by Sofia Coppola) is an excellent adaptation of the book I think, it includes several quotations and exact dialogues taken from the book. The soundtrack of the film, made mostly by the french duo Air, includes songs that, just like Suicide Underground, express it a very proper and exact way, the environment and mood on the book and film.

Great | Reviewer: Marc
    ------ About the song Sexy Boy performed by Air

I love this song. Though the "rock part" (the part with the raspy guitar) gives me a migraine (no jk, i'm serious!), i still love it to pieces.

I also think it's so beautiful in the music video when you look out their windshield and you see the monkey drifting in space.

Just cannot get enough | Reviewer: Mandeep
    ------ About the song Sexy Boy performed by Air

The best music i have ever heard - so soothing, just feel like listening all day along. It just entraps you in its music, the way it moves just great.

awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Sexy Boy performed by Air

awesome song loved it ever since i heard it on a tv add,hunted for it since 2004 lol n finally been hearing it since 2004 till now n love every sec of it!!

love this song | Reviewer: Jackie
    ------ About the song Sexy Boy performed by Air

i love this song. It was in that movie 10 things i hate about you and i have always loved it. i never noticed it was in french but good thing i know some french and could understand it.

its making feeling like trembling | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song How Does It Make You Feel performed by Air

i think is one of the love anthems of the latest 20th century

Suicide Underground | Reviewer: Keely
    ------ About the song Suicide Underground performed by Air

Although 'Suicide Underground' is an exceptional song, I found that I can't listen to it anymore, because of its depressing nature, given that the song is based on the film: "The Virgin Suicides", which in itself is a good film, the way this song is composed just leaves a lot to the imagination, and can invoke personal suicidal tendancies in a lot of people who might listen to it.

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