Air Supply Lyrics

FORMED: 1976, Melbourne, Australia

How the Whole Thing Started

Some would say, destiny was at Melbourne, Australia, in
April of 1975. The two young lads would meet for the very
first time. Englishman, Graham Russell and Australian,
Russell Hitchcock met as cast members in the stage
production Jesus Christ Superstar. Working closely
together, a friendship began to evolve. A friendship that
would prosper over the next 22 years. Their similar passion
for music, led Graham to share his songs he had written,
with Russell. As the More...

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Review about Air Supply songs
Full Memories | Reviewer: Winda Savitri
    ------ About the song I Can't Believe My Eyes performed by Air Supply

I have sweet memories with this song n movie. Something that I can't forget. Although we can't be together, I always remind that you are the best one.

incredible | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song I'll Find You performed by Air Supply

graham russell has an incredible voice and this is the perfect song to display it. Always have been, always will be a huge Air Supply fan and this song is one of the reasons why

The female singer | Reviewer: Savio
    ------ About the song You Are The Reason performed by Air Supply

For those asking about the female singer, her name is Mehnaaz. She was one of the leading pop singers in India in the 90s. This song was part of the soundtrack for the movie 'Split Wide Open' in 1999. I truly love this song, but unfortunately it's been lost by the passage of time, and so has the female singer

Someone Who Believes In you | Reviewer: LIZBETH
    ------ About the song Someone Who Believes In You performed by Air Supply

I really love this song, its so inspiring, it uplifts my morale, always keeps me push to persevere, whatever mountains of hardships in business or in life i encounter this song keeps me alive to go on and believe in myself, i know i can make it, The Lord will never forsake me.

Sign Language Hit. | Reviewer: Jasmine Chavez
    ------ About the song Making Love Out Of Nothing At All performed by Air Supply

hi I love this song because I know how to sign this song really well. I am deaf and hard of hearing. When i heard this song on my hearing aid microphone I can really sign this song. my brain telling me ''How can I sign the first line''? But you know what? this song is the most hard song I ever use sign language in my entire life. Although I make mistakes on the 2nd verse a little bit since my sign language was wild. I think this song is also a sign language hit. Sophie did that song too. She embraces the song with her signs as well as mine does. Great song Smiling.... thanks.

Goodbye Eugene | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Goodbye performed by Air Supply

This song wrenches at my heart because I want to think that my fiance left me because he couldn't love me like I needed.
To Eugene: All I want is to see you happy. I am sorry that we couldn't make it work. We tried it 8yrs and in that 8yrs we had 6 beautiful children(including Jordyn) and I loved you more than life itself. I thought I had given you everything you needed but I guess not. Goodbye my love and maybe someday you will come back to me.

Someone who believes in you | Reviewer: Chen Arellano
    ------ About the song Someone Who Believes In You performed by Air Supply

I really love this song because it reminds me the person that I really love. This is my theme song for him. Everytime When I hear this song I cried. I hope I see him again someday

someone who believes in you | Reviewer: froilan
    ------ About the song Someone Who Believes In You performed by Air Supply

the song is very nice and i really love it.i also love air supply co'z their voice are very powerful. everytime they sing, it all comes from their heart....whenever i'm hopeless i listen to this song.. it gives me inspiration not only to me but for all those are hopeless

Always a great song | Reviewer: Donny
    ------ About the song Lost In Love performed by Air Supply

I remember Lost In Love back in 79 when it was first released. I thought a lot of the way it was composed, the lyrics and the band Air Supply. To me it was the type of song that you would listen to with your sweetheart in a hammock on a beach some where tropical. A very easy song to remember as well as love.

goodbye | Reviewer: the left behind
    ------ About the song Goodbye performed by Air Supply

It seems that every word of this song is meant for me. That it was my bf saying this. That did not love me anymore. I just don't get it. Why would someone say those kind of words like 'I don't want to hurt you but...' then 'you'll find someone better', when they will leave you behind. Well, he's unfair, this song and Making Love Out of Nothing at All are all unfair for me. For everyone who gave everything but still wasn't enough. LOVE IS SOMETIMES CRUEL AND SO UNFAIR.

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