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FORMED: 1976, Melbourne, Australia

How the Whole Thing Started

Some would say, destiny was at Melbourne, Australia, in April of 1975. The two young lads would meet for the very first time. Englishman, Graham Russell and Australian, Russell Hitchcock met as cast members in the stage production Jesus Christ Superstar. Working closely together, a friendship began to evolve. A friendship that would prosper over the next 22 years. Their similar passion for music, led Graham to share his songs he had written, with Russell. As the friendship grew, so did their incredible love for music. The quest to follow their dreams had begun. Settling for hardly any pay at local pubs, Graham and Russell would continue to play their hearts out. They found that their talents were accepted by the small crowds in which began multiplying by the numbers.

In 1976, Graham's dream came into existence. Air Supply was born! The stage production ended and magnificently, with a single already released in Australia, Graham and Russell's moment came. They set out on an adventure; to find success. Then in 1977, the album Love and Other Bruises was released. The amazing talents of Air Supply brought one of many successful songs, (composed by Graham) to the Australian charts at # 2, "Love And Other Bruises", which became a classic, then "Empty Pages" at # 18. This was only the beginning for Air Supply and to the fans around the World. Immediately, the invitation for Air Supply to tour with Rod Stewart, came. Not only in Australia, but in the US and Canada.

In 1977, The Whole Thing Started is released. Song "Do What You Do" reaches #16 on the Australian charts. Air Supply was an eye opener to the music industry. No promotions, no professional training, but yet a success. This would be the first year for Air Supply to tour outside of Australian territory. Opening for Rod Stewart throughout the US and Canada, it was evident enough, that Air Supply crowds were increasing. After the tour ended and Air Supply returned to Australia, Graham and Russell's urgent desire was to get back to the US.

In 1979, Life Support (recorded in 1978), their fourth released album, contained Air Supply's first big hit, #1 one song for the Australian Charts - "Lost In Love". This song would later bring added success, in the US, but as another version. Also, This would be the beginning of a string of world wide hits and songs composed by Graham.

In 1980, Air Supply is welcomed by the US. Lost In Love is released and contained the 3 songs that would hit the top five on US charts. "Lost In Love" at # 3 (5/3/80), "Every Woman In The World" at # 5 (12/31/80) and "All Out Of Love" # 2 (9/13/81). These would be the first of eight Top #5 chart hits for Air Supply. America could not get enough of the 'Australian Boys'. The first album to see the Multi-Platinum.

Air Supply's outstanding efforts seemed to only to surpass the achievements of the present. Air Supply, proclaimed the most "Successful Pop Group" and "Best Pop Group", received awards for most played song, and won awards for outstanding achievements. The media took notice. Soon the American Top 40 and Radio Stations throughout the US, joined in with Air Supply's melodious style of love songs. The increasing number of fans was calculated, infinity. Graham continued to compose, and the more he composed the more hits followed.

1981, sees even further success, The One That You Love album was released, claiming # 2 on the US album charts. Songs "The One That You Love" #1 (8/8/81), "Here I AM" # 5 (11/21/81) and "Sweet Dreams" # 5 (3/20/82), was enjoyed by millions of Americans, making Air Supply's 6th album go Multi-Platinum. The BIM Award was presented to Air Supply in honor of "The One That You Love".

In 1982, Now and Forever was released and became # 25 on the album charts (8/2/82). Bringing into existence, "Even the Nights Are Better" at #5 (9/4/82), "Young Love" at # 38 (10/23/82) and "Two Less Lonely People In The World" at #38 (1/8/83). Success surrounded the Now and Forever claiming yet another Multi-Platinum album.

1983 would give, the Greatest Hits, a success on the album charts, at # 7 (8/18/83). Releasing song "Making Love Out Of Nothing At All" at #2, for 2 weeks (10/8/83). Yet, another BMI Award proclaimed the new hit song. The song that was sung by millions of Americans.

In 1983, the album Making Love, was released in the UK. Establishing a link with more fans throughout the world.

1985 sees the second album named, Air Supply. Claiming # 26 on the album charts. Releasing songs "Just As I Am" # 19 (7/29/85) and "Power Of Love" #60 (8/24/85). VH1, giving "Just As I Am" the # 1 video for 1985. With all the continued success of Air Supply it seemed the music field was at a turning point. "The Love Era" was entering a cycle. Music became less intense with meaning and feeling. The media quickly switched to what the people were growing into. "Power of Love" would be the last song in the top 20's, thus far.

In 1986, Hearts in Motion, claimed the album charts at #84. Giving the song "Lonely Is The Night" at place #76 (9/6/86) and "One More Chance" at #80 (11/1/86). The photo shoot for this album cover has been given the award from the Fan Club as having the Finest album cover.

In 1987, Graham and Russell exercised their talents by performing a seasonal release, for the Christmas Holidays, The Christmas Album. Radio and air play still contributes with the most popular songs "Love Is All" and "Eyes Of A Child", during the Christmas season.

1987-1990 Russell ventures out on his own and releases his solo, self tilted album, Russell Hitchcock, and his release of his one and only single, "Swear To Your Heart".

In 1991, The Earth Is was released and song "Without You" claimed the # 48 spot on the charts. Air Supply's marginal success slide in the US did not discourage the two incredible performers. Air Supply then concentrated their efforts outside of the US, which brought them touring World Wide. The popularity of Air Supply decreased in the US. Yet, increased overseas, even to this day. Air Supply is held in high regard to the International fans and media.

1993, was the release of the album, Vanishing Race. The song, "Goodbye" claimed #48 on the US charts(7/10/93). However, Internationally, Air Supply's efforts on this album, won them great success. "Its Never Too Late" and " Goodbye" ensured Gold and Platinum sales.

1995, News From Nowhere, released song "Someone" hitting #50, on the US charts. This would begin a busy tour season for Air Supply away from the United States. With the success, as in the beginning for Graham and Russell, the success of Air Supply was on the rise again. International air play and media has supported and continues to support Air Supply. Though Air Supply is together and has remained together, people still are unaware of Air Supply being together. This is due from the lack in air play.

1995, saw the first release of the Now and Forever Live album, performed in Taipei, Taiwan. This was part of Air Supply's Asian tour that took Air Supply to Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the Philippines. A 16 piece string section accompanied Air Supply for the making of this album. This album is purely live, containing no overdubs. Introduced to this album, song "The Way I Feel".

The Book Of Love was released November 21, 1997. Produced entirely by Graham Russell, the first to be recorded at his studio in Utah. This album is a tribute to the "love song" and to the message they speak to everyone.

The Definitive Collection was released August 26, 1999 with all the hits, plus the original version of Lost in Love and other songs that became classics, but not necessarily singles. The package has new artwork and notes from Graham and Russell about every song.

The Definitive Collection will become a staple for all Air Supply fans, a work of memorabilia to not miss. A collection of videos from their 25 year career and a special commentary from Russell and Graham will provide a personal insight into the workings of the hearts of Air Supply themselves!

Yours Truly will be released worldwide May of 2001. It is already creating a "buzz" with the live shows in the U.S. Recorded entirely in Utah and produced by Graham Russell and Mark Williams, it is bound to set new boundaries for Air Supply's realm of music.

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big fan | Reviewer: lisa | 9/30/13

I been a fan of Air Supply since I heard them on 8 track tapes.
The music is so awesome.
In my book they are #1 when it comes to Australian pop/rock.
They are both Geminis like my and I also share a birthday with Graham Russell (Russell's B-day is couple of days after mine.)
Air Supply will be around for years to come (look at the Rolling Stones). I recently found a Air Supply christmas album at a yard sale. I also have their greatest hits album.

Magic | Reviewer: Steve | 6/7/13

Been a huge fan since I was a goofy kid in Junior High & slow danced to "Every woman in the world". I passed on a chance to see them in person in Arizona. But saw them last month in Vegas. DO NOT pass up seeing these guys!!! Can't describe it; they are unbelievable with the audience ... dance & sing WITH the crowd, everyone was taking pics with them ... during their performance! No way to describe.

Strawberry Festival 2012 Plant City, FL | Reviewer: Cindy Post | 11/30/12

OMG!! #1 performance : ) Someone gave me 6th row paid tickets, guy I was with never heard of AS (weird 2me!)... I was EXCITED!! Such a great sjow Wow! Russell and Graham are so friendly to the crowd, sang in crowd as shaking hands, take pics, give hugs, amazing! And their voices EXCELLANT : ) You guys made me reminise on my high school days when ya all hit the US charts, thanks guys! You are my Pandora station! Live forever -such earthy passion, love your music!!

A Night To Never GOrget | Reviewer: Angie | 11/21/12

When I was a child, AS was my favorite band in the world. My mother introduced me to their music, and I fell in love with Russel Hitchcock's voice, as well as developing a huge crush on the man himself. When I was nine, my mother got second row tickets to their show at the Hult Center in Eugene, Oregon.

Throughout the show, I kept my eyes locked on Russel. I would wave; he would wave back. It was wonderful. About halfway through the show, the woman sitting in front of us threw a bouquet of roses up on stage. Russel scolded her, and told her she could hand them to him. She did not need to throw them at him. He then handed them back to her, and she handed them back to him. He then kissed her.

A few rows back, I heard a man shout out, "Why don't you kiss my girlfriend?" Russel replied, "Bring her on up here!" Calling the man's bluff, the girlfriend never went up there. But, then my mother shouted out, "How about kissing my daughter?" Russel replied, "Who is your daughter?" She pointed down at me. He once again replied, "Bring her on up here!" Without hesitation, my mother whisked me up to the front of the stage.

Russel grabbed my hand and asked my name. After telling him, he spun me around and introduced me to the entire auditorium. He then spun me back around, pointed at his cheek, and I kissed it.

Although I grew up and and grew out of their music, that night still remains one of my happiest memories of childhood.

Awesome! | Reviewer: Lynn D | 4/14/12

I went to their concert 4/13/2012 at Fortune Bay Casino in Tower, MN. The vocals were better than ever! They still have "it" after all these years. They even went out in the crowd to sing. This was so awesome! Loved them in the 70's & 80's and feel they're worth every bit you pay for your concert ticket and more.

MY ROLE MODELS | Reviewer: JOEL HUTAMO | 1/16/12


Awesome, Awesome, Awesome | Reviewer: Lane Wagoner | 10/23/11

Went to the Air Supply Concert at the Mayo Civic Center in Rochester MN last night. One of the very best performances I have seen in my life. Romantic rock and ballads, old and new, these guys still know how to entertain. Would I go again, YOU BET.

Orlando concert | Reviewer: Mary Scheckman | 5/20/11

What an amazing concert at Live Plaza in Orlando! Those folks sound amazing! They rocked the house and approached the audience and blended with people! I hope they stick around for a long time. Clean, love songs can never be outdated!!

The Best Band Ever; Air Supply | Reviewer: Fhaynne | 7/17/10

Air Supply, you are the best band ever! i love you. i am from the Philippines in Jaro, Leyte i am Fhaynne Zaplan your # 1 fan i am 12 years old i wish i can see you in personal because you are my idol. don't you know i always listen to your songs? your songs are very very very very beautiful and i love it very much and i have many pictures of Air Supply i love you Russell Ilove you Graham i really can't explain why you are my idol bu it doesn't matter the important is i am your number 1 fan . thanks Air Supply for being my idol. i love you!!!

Biloxi, Ms concert | Reviewer: Jean | 7/14/10

I have loved Air Supply since the early 80's. My husband and I fell in love listening to them. I have always wanted to go to one of their concerts and was lucky enough to go to their Hard Rock, Biloxi, Ms. concert last week! To say it was wonderful is a true understatement!! We were fortunate enough to have front row seats, and when they came down into the audience to sing, I got to shake hands and hug both of them! Awesome!!! Their band is the GREATEST! Thanks Air Supply for a great performance, and I hope you'll return next year (and I hope to be on the front row again!)!!

A wonderful band of the world.... | Reviewer: anne | 6/10/09

I was twelve when my big brother found a collection of love songs and Air Supply's Goodbye is one of them. The cd have no cover so I cannot know who is the singer of Goodbye but I fell in love to it. I asked questions to my father and he told me everything about Air Supply and I became a fan. My father even thought it is weird that a girl of the 21's century love their songs. Russell Hitchcock's voice entranced me and I love him so much.
Oh, to Marion, Graham Russell dreamed of the name. He saw the name in his dream.

Phenomenal duo | Reviewer: Nisa Bahrim | 6/4/09

I listened to Air Supply since I was 7 years old and still loving them till now and forever....when they first came to Malaysia in the mid 90's, I just graduated and had no money to buy their ticket. Then they came again in to Malaysia again in the late 90's but I just had my surgery and was still in the hospital. Now, they are back in Malaysia and will be performing on June 16th 09 and I finally bought the ticket and really really looking forward to their show :) I guess I waited almost 14 years for their 3rd trip to Malaysia....and my love for them and their music remains the same...

March 28, 2009 Chinook Winds Casino, Oregon concert | Reviewer: Merry Lou Flockhart | 3/31/09

I last saw AS in 2003 at the same venue. They are always entertaining and the vocals and lyrics probablt some of the best in the business of love songs. The 2009 concert was even better! Russell was in top form and sounded absoultely incredible. You would never know he is in his late 50s. Graham is always slightly dramatic and adds the singer/songwriter flare to the concert. The house was sold out. The two roamed through the audience at one point and sang and played while addressing their fans. Twoards the end, they asked al the women to come down and gather around the stage infront for "Every Woman in the World." My friend came with me and was impressed. Her first Air Supply concert. I do miss the meet and greet afterwards. CDs were all sold out befofre the concert. The band was also top notch and cute! I have been listening to Air Supply since they began and attended all their concerts when living in Los Angeles. Please continue writing and singing for the world!

Air Supply...My Lovesongs... | Reviewer: Yolanda Aspiras | 11/16/08

Air Supply is one of the Best Band in the world!
I'm from Philippines/Canada. Married
I love Air Supply since i was 6years old..that was 1984, when i watch their concert in Hawaii, i fell inlove with russell by then.
I watch their first concert in the Phils...1993 at Ultra Manila.
I love Air Supply and I have all there albums since Air Supply 1977- The singer and the song....
they are great musicians! Long live Air Supply!

Silver Studs | Reviewer: Don Daniel | 4/24/08

33+ years ago I was the President of a small social club in Canberra. We would bring entertainers from Sydney and among them were the Silver Studs and they were quite good as I remember. Their names were Graham & Russell. Funnily enough they never get a mention. Any reason???

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