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Aerosmith Ain't That A Bitch Lyrics

Last updated: 02/19/2012 10:00:00 AM

Up in smoke, you've lost another lover
As you take a hit off your last cigarette
Strung out, burned out
Yeah you're down on your luck
And you don't give a huh!
'Til the best part of you starts to...twitch
Ain't that a...bitch

Freak out
I'm alone now
I feel just like I'm losin' my mind
'Cause love is like the right dress
On the wrong girl
You never know what you're gonna find
You think you're high and fine as wine
Then you wind up like a dog in a ditch
'Cause love is like a wrong turn
On a cold night
Yeah, Ain't That A Bitch(a)
Ain't That A Bitch, yeah, yeah, yeah

In a daze
In the throws of emotion
You see God in the Devil's eyes
Then you fall so far from grace
You wouldn't know a kiss
If it was on your face
You go telling to the jury
But you ain't got no case

Freak out
I'm alone now
I feel just like I'm losin' my mind
'Cause love is like the right dress
On the wrong girl
You never know what you're gonna find
The gal was fine as calamine
But not enough to scratch a seven year itch
'Cause love is like the last licks
Outta Hendrix
Yeah, Ain't That A Bitch
Ain't That A Bitch, yeah, yeah

Then you feel so out of place
Lickin' up the arsenic
From the same old lace
You know the stuff is poison
But you gotta have a taste

You gotta freak out
I'm alone now
I feel just like I'm losin' my mind
'Cause love is like the right dress
On the wrong girl
You never know what you're gonna find
You think you're high and fine as wine
Then you wind up with your face in the ditch
'Cause love is like a warm gun
On a cold night
Yeah, Ain't That A Bitch
Ain't That A Bitch,

Yeah, yeah, yeah...

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Justmeeeee | Reviewer: Katie | 2/18/12

Love THIS SONG!I'm 16 and started listening to Aerosmith after Steven Tyler had his first season on american idol. Can't get enough of this guys voice and his book too. Love the band too! <3 Cant wait to see them this summer!!!

Go Aerosmith! | Reviewer: Rocker chick | 8/3/11

Again totaly agree wit anonymous (dnt mean 2 sound lik a stalker) but isabella u r an asswhole so go dump ur ass in a freaken whole I sugjust a big 1 lik a ditch cuz thers not 1 bad Aerosmith song Aerosmith will always rock and ur a disgrace to all aero-freaks if u dnt lik this song then get ur ass outta here and from ur comment it looks lik u hav a prob. Wit d title sayen bitch wen ur sayen fuck so thts just rong o wel still luven u Aerosmith!


Infinety stars | Reviewer: Noor | 7/24/11

Ok let me giv u some history in how I became so obbsesed with aerosmith it isnt healthy ok im 12 and my aunt really likes american idol and I dnt think its tht bad eather so I wuz wachen this season and totally fel in luv wit this steven dude so wen he preformed dream on I wuz lik holy crap hes awesome! Then I wached a documentry on him and liv and said I gotta learn more! And later on my mom wuz lik I told u they wer awesome a long time ago! And I wuz lik o yea sry so thts how it started and this song just dang how tru can a song b? Life is a b and my friends and no the reason is not cuz our parents dnt let us party or realationship probs or dumb stuf lik tht we hav real issues tht armt any of yalls bissnes but I swere its just...... So awesome and correct god I luv aerosmith ask me any question about them if I dnt already no it (wich I dout) ill look it up cuz im in f'n luv wit all of them steven,joe,joey,tom,and brad luv em and d song relates to so many ways infinety stars

RIP dad | Reviewer: Stephanie | 11/18/09

I love this song, I always find myself jammin out to it when something is bothering me, especially problems in life... It reminds me a lot of my dad... not only because this is his favorite band but because everytime I'd complain to him about my life he'd just look at me and say... Aint that a bitch... kinda rude fatherly advice but I found the humor in it... life is a bitch and sometimes there isn't nothing you can really do about it so have fun while you can and listen to great music!!!

the manager dude | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/15/09

Dude in the aerosmith autobiography steven tyler said this song is about the bands manager tim collins deppresion so it can technicaly be bout life or love is a bitch but thats realy not the main idea of the song

...idiot... | Reviewer: ed | 3/24/09 to say this have got to be the dumbest person i have ever read a review from and ive read some bad ones...this song embodies that life is a bitch and it always will be, no matter what you do, this is why it is such an awsome song

Aerosmith on Hendrix | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/11/09

isn't it curious that Aerosmith mentions Jimi Hendrix in this song? specially because if you pay attention at 4:39 they seem to play the same main riff from Jimi's Hey Joe (sorry about my bad english)

estás loca isabella? | Reviewer: Paola | 4/10/08

i can't believe someone says ain't that a bitch has dissapointing lyrics.
are you insane?
or maybe you don't understand a bit 'bout poetry
or maybe you don't know anything about being alive and have feelings and getting to the conclusion that love is a bitch and sometimes life is too????????

you've gotta be kidding! | Reviewer: welson | 11/15/07

you gotta be kidding me! This is one of their best work!! The word bitch here doesnt even have bad meaning, it takes the song to an even better level, perhaps you should try to understand it a little more!

Aint YOU a bitch? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/22/07

WHAT AN IDIOT THE GIRL THAT SIGNED AVOBE ME!!... this songs is awesomly beautiful, as every aerosmith's work... you just can not say that you love aerosmith and hate this song. And it's not about the song, it's about Aerosmith... if you love them, you LOVE EVERY PART OF THEM... iu mean, i could never say anything bad about any of them or either their songs, they're just perfect... and you are an asswhole!

Ain't That A Bitch | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/7/07

I have loved Aerosmith's work for a long time. I am a musician myself, and I just discovered this song recently and it is amazing. Love Tyler's voice in the ends of phrases. All in all, a great song!

what the hell????? | Reviewer: Isabella | 8/14/07

I dont like this song at all. I really LOVE Aerosmith but this song got a bad name! what the fuck were they thinking?? I hope this is their last song with such an awful name and such a disappointening lyric.
still LOVING you, listening to you, and enjoying all your songs,