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3LW Ain't No Maybe Lyrics

Last updated: 10/28/2007 12:00:00 PM

Today's my day that I know fo sho
Gotta speak first, gotta let you know
In case you're wondering if I'm available
If you think that I am , I am and if
Something's on your mind, you should let it off
I got time, maybe we should talk
It's no coincidence when you're caught off guard
You and me supposed to be baby...

I ain't trippin on your car or where you live
It don't matter if you broke, we be struggling
What I'm saying is that I will be your baby
This ain't no maybe
Ain't tryna get my floss on in yo whip
I don't even want your chippers
You're the one I wanna kick it wit
This ain't no maybe, is you feeling me, yeah

i have to let you know who i feel about you baby i need you like no other if you can just hear me for a minute baby i will make this fast in case you haveent notced boy without you im so hopeless ohhhwhoa yeah noo ohwo hmm yeah ,yeah

You make me weak in the knees
I can't sleep, I can't eat
I cant even think baby
(Can't even concentrate)
I can't even think straight, baby
See you need a lady oh, oh no no no no no
Hey boy I wanna be your lady
(Let me be your baby, yeah, oh, ho, ho ho)
Hey boy I wanna be your lady
(Do you want me for your lady, hey)

I know that I'm the one for you
Boy don't you know kiely ya dont know how much i need ya baby ohh yeah oh your so sweet yes you are


Boy don't you know
I wanna be your lady
No actin shady
And boy I put that on everything (and I put that on everything)
(on everything)everything (on everything)everything (on everything whoa whoa)
I wanna be your lady (uh huh)
No actin shady (uh huh)this ain't no maybe (you betta sang it)
And I put that on everything,(oh ho) everything
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