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Aiden’s heavy clash of hardcore punk with melodic moments
of intensity and energetic love for the true meaning of
creating music bring them to the level of greatness that
their album “Our Gangs Dark Oath,” shows off with more than
a few moments of pure excellence. The band, comprised of
lead vocalist Will, guitarists Jake and Angel, drummer
Jake, and bassist Nick, lead an assault that is a forced to
be reckoned with in the local Seattle scene. Their music is
quickly spreading throughout the states and reaching more
and more hardcore More...

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Review about Aiden songs
OMFG!!!!! | Reviewer: Ysidro
    ------ About the song Die Romantic performed by Aiden

at first when i heard this song, i didnt like it, but reading the lyrics and watching the video i was like omg it freaking makes sense and im not much of a person that can understand reading between the lines but man this song....epic.....and the album....freakin cool

so this is what i think march 30th 2012 | Reviewer: Vanessa Kensington Sheeran
    ------ About the song Silent Eyes performed by Aiden

His voice is utterly amazing in this song, and sounds like he's about to actually cry towards the end. Amazing lyrics, and it would have helped me years ago. I could imagine someone standing over a person's grave with wiL's voice echoing these lyrics in the background.
Beautiful song.
Almost as good as my big brother

who cares | Reviewer: kevin
    ------ About the song We Sleep Forever performed by Aiden

ok i came here to find out what the songs meaning was not to hear a whole bunch of brats complain emo is whatever the hell you want cause no one gives a damn so now get back to listening to the damn music

ahhahaahha | Reviewer: ff
    ------ About the song We Sleep Forever performed by Aiden

AHahahahahha Cool story bros,
Now listen to the music and lose yourself, and if you want pretend you know what the lyrics mean but the only one who knows that is the artist.
Well ervry body have a great day! =]

...really? | Reviewer: RealMusicFan
    ------ About the song Die Romantic performed by Aiden

How on earth can anyone give anything even remotely resembling a positive review to this song? This is one of the most god-awful pieces of trash that I have ever had the misfortune to hear. This whole band is just one big mash-up of shitty music, awful stage presence, and closeted homosexuality. The guitar riff sounds like the same one in every other hXc emo song about how much the lead singer's life sucks, the lyrics could not be worse (suicide kept tight? what the fuck does that mean?!), and his singing sounds like a bunch of retarded babies crying. How anyone can actually enjoy this atrocity is beyond me.

So true | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Unbreakable (I.J.M.A.) performed by Aiden

Hmm, this song really touches the heart. Sometimes when i really listen to the song i just wanna cry my heart out. But either way its a really good song with outstanding lyrics. I think everybody should listen to it over and over :) and also the whole Nightmare Anatomy album. But i have relized that most of their songs are about the same thing. But im sure it shouldnt matter to anyone that listens to it. I reckon i better just stop writing :) Bye yall!

a;sldkdjf; | Reviewer: adj.
    ------ About the song We Sleep Forever performed by Aiden

Aiden is amazing. :)

&to the kid below me, just because you cut yourself does not make you emo. yes, kids may call you that, but that doesn't mean you have to roll with it. if you are emo, that's fine. if not, then that's fine tooo. just thought I would through that out. not trying to fight. :)

blaaah; let's all enjoy the song shall we!? [x

really?? | Reviewer: kiley
    ------ About the song We Sleep Forever performed by Aiden

Whats with all of you? fighting over dumbass shit...just listen to the damn song im a 14 year old and i get called emo every fukin day bc i cut my self but kids now adays my age dont care what "emo" means they think because u cut yourself your just that sumz up our generation of what kids now adays think of what emo means your welcome now just listen tothe music and shut the fuck up

haha sooo, | Reviewer: Arielann
    ------ About the song Die Romantic performed by Aiden

I think it's AMAZING how my bestest friend Glen,
Him and his brother used to party with Aiden all the time (Aiden is Seattle, WA based and me and Glen live in Olympia, WA)

And, Glen actually wrote the guitar part for this song.(:

it's fantastic actually, haha.

And i think the guitar in it is amazing. and not just cuz my best friend wrote it. xD

Oh, you little kids. | Reviewer: Sylver
    ------ About the song We Sleep Forever performed by Aiden

EMO actually stands for "Emotive Punk Rock". It was formed back in the 80's when most punk bands were all about Anarchy and politics. EMO was all the punk bands who didn't talk about that stuff. Bands like Sunny Day Real Estate. Music can NOT be emotional since it's not a living thing. It can only be EMOTIVE which means it draws OUT emotion.

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