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NewYork City in the early 1980's, the punk rock scene was
breaking off into a new direction. The new vibe was a
heavier version of punk. It was angrier, louder, faster,
and more real. It had a raw street sound. This was hardcore
punk. The scene was small and tight knit, and Agnostic
Front was one of the pioneers of this new music. In 1982
the "United Blood" EP was released.

The intensity of these early recordings are still felt
today, almost if they were just released. Next came the
first full length album for A.F. titled " Victim in More...

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Many people don't get the meaning | Reviewer: Nathan
    ------ About the song Public Assistance performed by Agnostic Front

The song is pointed at people who abuse welfare. Many people who listen to the listen to the song think it's just against All people on welfare but it's only against people who ABUSE the system. Get it right the next time you listen yo this

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