Agnes Albums

  • Veritas Album (9/11/2012)
    Walk Out Of Here
    All I Want Is You
    One Last Time
    Human Touch
    Watching It Burn
    Got Me Good
    Like God
    Into The Sun
    Nothing Else Matters
    Bonus Tracks
    Heart Rate

  • Dance Love Pop Album (10/29/2008)
    Release Me
    On And On
    Love Me Senseless
    How Do You Know
    I Need You Now
    Look At Me Now
    Don't Pull Your Love Out
    Open Up Your Eyes
    Sometimes I Forget
    Big Blue Wall
    You Rain
    Love Love Love

  • Stronger Album (10/11/2006)
    I Believe In You
    Top Of The World
    Somewhere Down The Road
    I Had A Feelin'
    Kick Back Relax
    Love Is All Around
    What Do I Do With All This Love
    My Boy
    (Baby) I Want You Gone
    Everybody Knows

  • Agnes Album (12/9/2005)
    Right Here Right Now
    Forever Yours
    Get My Math
    I Believe
    For Love
    What A Feeling
    Now That I Found Love
    Let Me Carry You

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