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Agmen Biography

Last updated: 03/06/2003 05:57:33 PM

Again Breath Of Night presents another new band, this time one from Czech. Agmen exists of ex-members of Maniac Butcher and released a demo entitled 'Tartarus' in 1998, which should be fairly easy to find among tapetraders.

Like many Czechian bands do, Agmen also uses only lyrics in their mother-language and because I do not speak this language I'm afraid I can not tell you much about songs like 'Pisne Krkavcu' or 'Nesmrtelny'. Musically this band is a lot more melodic than the abovementioned Maniac Butcher; even that melodic that is surprised me. Not that we are listening to the new In Flames album but this guys write very diverse music and it is brought very tight. The only guitarplayer plays multiple parts and he also performs the fine basslines. The production is also very proffesional so you're probably wondering what's wrong this time; I miss the "unholy fire" listening to this album. I find the music often too nice and clean, and although the songs are diverse, the album isn't, if you know what I mean.