Against Me! Lyrics

A decade ago, Tom Gabel began his music career as a 17-year
old solo acoustic act known as Against Me!, belting out
songs of rebellion in Laundromats and any other venue that
would have him.

Flash forward to today, and Gabel's agitation cycle is
still cranked high, but not without a wild streak of
optimism thrown in for good measure. For the past five
years, the gravelly roar of the vocalist/guitar player has
been part of a thunderous and thoughtful foursome featuring
Andrew Seward (bass), Warren Oakes (drums) and James Bowman More...

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Review about Against Me! songs
Interesting, heart breaking | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Tonight We're Gonna Give It 35% performed by Against Me!'s actually really heart-wrenching to go back through these old songs, and it becomes pretty damn clear exactly what the lyrics are getting at! I didn't really care about Against Me! until Laura came out--yeah, I thought they were just another punk band going for the cash grab; I now get these songs on a very different level. Following her narrative through tormented teenage ideology coupled with a secret but pervasive dysphoria, into finally becoming herself, is really one of the more touching and inspiring--and PUNK--experiences I've ever had.

I agree | Reviewer: Courtney
    ------ About the song Thrash Unreal performed by Against Me!

I agree with Jeff, you used to be like "oh they are sellouts. boycott them blah blah" But when you get older, they get older. And sometimes you just can't act like you are 20 when you're 40. You realize the maturity in the music and it's still good :)

/pol/an's interpretation | Reviewer: /pol/an
    ------ About the song Those Anarcho Punks Are Mysterious... performed by Against Me!

The way I see it is that it's pretty much a tongue-in-cheek summarization of the anarcho-left movement. They are opposed to violence but usually only on an emotional level. Since they don't recognize private property rights internal conflicts are bound to arrise and eventually they tear themselves apart. I also believe Tom wrote this from his perspective of what he saw in the movement. Being on in the Anarcho-Capitalist camp myself I can definitely see the tongue-in-cheek reminders because I notice a lot of it in my side of the movement as well.

My input | Reviewer: Jennifer Plum
    ------ About the song We Did It All For Don performed by Against Me!

This song is amazing, I don't really know what its about but it sounds like maybe the character Don was a friend that died,Not sure but i know one thing Laura Jane Grace is an amazing singer,songwriter,and guitarist.

ending | Reviewer: illigitimati
    ------ About the song Beginning in an Ending performed by Against Me!

I'm one of those weirdos that could listen to this song a million times, just because I see all the potential it has to relate to my life. I truly think that its just an easy way of saying goodbye to something past its prime. When Tom says "This is everything up to now ending", fuck, I know how that feels. Things aren't always as they seem. Sometimes a fresh start comes from a sad ending. It was nice to believe for awhile...

Justin | Reviewer: Emily
    ------ About the song Justin performed by Against Me!

This song is about my cousin, Justin Ellsworth who was killed in action on Nov 13, 2004 (8 years ago today). He was given the purple heart because he saved the lives of at least 11 other U.S. Marines and many civilians in his death. He found a bomb that was set to go off soon and ordered everyone but himself to leave the scene so he could disarm it and it went off on him.

Epic truths | Reviewer: Fryilluh
    ------ About the song 8 Full Hours Of Sleep performed by Against Me!

Against Me! IS my favorite band. Almost all of their lyrics speak of truths that are often taken for granted. Their words are often full of despair and frustration, yet they sing and play with great energy. Their shows are incredible, and I guess at least if their message never gets across, at least they are highly entertaining about it. This is probably the only band I listen to anymore that can consistently spark emotion in me. Please don't go anywhere, Against Me!.

Off tour | Reviewer: Ryan D.
    ------ About the song Beginning in an Ending performed by Against Me!

It seems to be about coming back from being on tour around America. The tours all have to come to an end and they seemed fun playing tetris and being on Coke, and trying to build a life around your having fun. Trying to build a life that has an excuse for all of the pleasure you do. It mentions that he's coming back to a woman, but not in a sexual way and back at home there seems to be no complacency. So he walks into the ocean to escape his life and life choices.

The title achieves that which it condemns | Reviewer: Eliyahu
    ------ About the song Reinventing Axl Rose performed by Against Me!

I do like Against Me! Saw them live many years ago, and they left a good impression on me.

Anyways, I find the title a little confusing. If Axl Rose is the musical/entertainment industry devil that he is often thought of as by the current generation, doesn't placing him on your album cover just draw more attention to him?

Awesome Song | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Turn Those Clapping Hands Into Angry Balled Fists performed by Against Me!

This song is about anger. Anger with the system that is setup in America and how the average American has been conditioned to live their lives. How people do their daily routine to make themselves feel some control and peace.

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