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Chumbawamba After Shelley Lyrics

Last updated: 08/28/2002 09:15:20 PM

"Anybody can press a button and blow up a ship. Anybody can use an atom bomb.
Anybody can pick up a big whip, and whip you. Anybody can stick a knife into
you. Anybody can pull a trigger. But where's the man with the character, as can
take a punch on the nose and keep his temper, keep control of himself?"

The seed you sow, another reaps
The wealth you find, another keeps
The clothes you weave, another wears
The arms you forge, another bears

The songs you write, another sings
The heart you lose, another wins
The food you bake, another eats
Poison-laced and oh, so sweet

Rock and Roll
Check your pulse
Art or death
True or false
Can't stay young
Can't grow old

Thanks to Nat Earnshaw for submitting After Shelley Lyrics.