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Make out meaning of, interpretation of cipher document are a few of the definitions you will find in the Oxford dictionary for the word ‘Decipher’ the title of the new album of the Dutch metal group AFTER FOREVER. The music may contain numerous hidden meanings and it will undoubtedly be necessary to listen intently a number of times to fathom the deeper meanings of the lyrics, there is no mystery whatsoever as for the immense popularity of the six band members. It is a proven fact that quality will always out, also in 2001.

‘Decipher’ is the second CD of the band, who practically from nowhere, burst upon the rock scene with their debut ‘Prison Of Desire’. The band made a profound impression with their epic combination of metal and influences from classical music, gothic and prog rock, and versatile singer Floor Jansen playing the part of leading lady.

AFTER FOREVER are the living proof that in metal no longer longhaired men with guitars, bass and drums as their only tools are calling the shots. Straying off the well-trodden paths is no longer a crime. AFTER FOREVER is one of those rare examples of bands that have managed to transpose the acquired musical freedom into devastating music.

AFTER FOREVER starts, as any other indiscriminate band, with covering their heroes. At first they call themselves Apocalypse, but that name is changed into the more appropriate AFTER FOREVER and own material takes over the place of covers. The horizon of the band is broadening all the time, especially once soprano Floor Jansen has made her entrance. In 1999 they produce a demo that causes something of a battle between recording companies. TRANSMISSION succeeds in signing up the still very young – the average age of the band members is 19 - band.

The expectations are high, but nonetheless everybody is surprised when AFTER FOREVER succeed in gaining a top position in the Dutch metal hierarchy with their debut album right from the start. The band performs a lot – both in clubs and at festivals – and is live just as convincing as on the album. Moreover Floor Jansen can be heard on the CD ‘Universal Migrator Part 1’ of the musical jack-of-all trades Arjen AYREON Lucassen.

In 2001 AFTER FOREVER are working on their important second album in the renowned RS29 studio in Waalwijk. As a pinnacle for these exhausting sessions the band flies to Mexico for a performance at a prestigious festival at the end of August. In Mexico the band sees itself confronted with a huge number of enthusiastic fans. It is the ideal start for a new phase in the existence of AFTER FOREVER.

Compared to their first CD AFTER FOREVER has hugely progressed. The classically trained Floor Jansen excels more than ever against a background of guitars, keyboard, drums, bass, violins and even a sitar. The music is full of tempo increases, unexpected side-roads and differences in dynamics. The musical palette contains more colours than ever before.

The band don’t content themselves with samples of digitally multiplied vocal parts, but uses strings of flesh and blood for the classical parts and engage a fully fledged choir to top things off. The result sounds more solid – more natural, more mature and more self-confident.
‘DECIPHER’ is an exciting adventure translated into music.

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After Forever rocks! | Reviewer: Hayley | 9/24/10

This is one of the best symphonic bands out there! I personally prefer select others but AF is right near the top of my list! I love Monolith of Doubt, Emphasis, and Intrisic. Still have to listen to other albums :)

After Forever | Reviewer: Darryl | 8/25/10

I have always been in love with After Forever, Floor Jansen is by far one of the most boldy, powerful aggressively operatic performers to ever hit this earth. However, I really like REVamp better, she is more vocaly trained this time around. But The female bands of today are only a fraction of what is really out there. Examples : Theatre of Tragedy, Leaves Eyes, The Gathering, Epica, Tristania, UnSun, In This Moment, Patricia Morrison aka Sisters of Mercy, Autumn, All About Eve, Sirenia, Delain, Delight, The Dreamside, Doro, Krypteria, Liv Kristine, Xandria, The Fire Restart, Sunshine Blind, The Shroud, Collide, Visions of Atlantis, Nightwish, Nemesea, Mandragora Scream, Within Temptation, Sarah Brightman, Virgine Dramatica, Siousxie and the Banshees, Annie Lennox, Stevie Nicks, Joan Jett, ( ext ) The list goes on and on. I love Floor Jansen to death but there is much more talented female vocalist in these genres that are far more vocally talented and trained. I say this cause I been listening to these artist all my life and their origins as well. I can introduce you to an endless list of acts such as these, without even pausing for an single moment. Floor is a beast, but she is not quite number 1, and I love Tarja and Nightwish, but No way in hell is Nightwish better or even stronger then Floor, Whom ever said that really needs to listen to Floor's new album ReVamp it will shut you up real quick no offence, but that is the eefect it has, Floor's vocal range and abilities, are much greater than that of Tarja's. Besides I love Tarja, but she has all this power and force in her, we can see that clearly but she dosen't know how to properly control or contain it to where, she can reflect and bounce it off the sides of her throught to rebound better vocals. She is soo strong but she must stop forcing out banshee screams and learn to flex her voice to weild it, not it weild her. Floor has that contrl so, she is in a way comaparable to the untouchable Sarah Brightman, whom is the worlds finest. She knows how to control her voice top notch to where she can evevn move and dance with wires and stuff, all while maintaining it.

After Forever = symphonic metal at it's best | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/7/07

It's hard for me to find any flaws with this band. It doesn't help that they have the best, most versatile female vocalist in the genre. The compositions are tight and well put together. The overall sound is very complimentary to itself and I can't help but state that it's the best stuff I've ever heard.

Nightwish better than After Forever? Sorry, but I've got to flip the two around. For me, After Forever is much better.

I love After Forever | Reviewer: Helen | 4/22/07

After Forever have amazing songs.
Id recommend them to any who likes within temptation and nightwish or any bands like that.
Im still amazed that there not really well known in england.

WiCkEdNeSs!!!! | Reviewer: Xx...Claire..Bear...xX | 11/20/05

After Forever are THE BEST BAND!!!!!!!!!
but not as good as Nightwish, but are still awesome!!!
They're heaps better than Within Temptation, and i'd recomend them to anyone who likes Symphonic Metal!!!

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