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It’s Aesop Rock time, again. The eclectic rhyme-sayer who
burst onto the radar with his universally acclaimed
Definitive Jux debut album Labor Days and then followed it
up with the anthemic EP Daylight, returns to reclaim the
truth and hand out lyrical beat downs to those who stole
the up-rock and buffed the trains. Over four albums of
futurized funk, Aesop Rock has been blowing minds with
detail-driven narratives and dexterity defying word play.
From the early records Music For Earth Worms, Appleseed and
Float to the masterful Labor More...

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Aes Changing Lives One Ear at a Time | Reviewer: Evan
    ------ About the song 9-5ers Anthem performed by Aesop Rock

I first heard this track back in late 06 and I can still remember where I was sitting it hit me so powerfully. My ears could barely keep up with the machine gun metaphors rattling by. It was like trying to digest Claude Monet's entire water lilies serious as it sped by at 80 miles per hour. The more I took in each phrase in the more perplexed I became: How could someone say so much in so few words but then string these few words together to embody something that resembles the depth and character of an entire city? If someone ever took the time to explain what this song is saying in long-hand, I'm certain it would be a short novel.

To say this song changed my life would be an understatement. The song hit me so concisely and so on point that the following year, I quit my high paying job, started my own business and joined a touring musical group. I met my soul mate and now live in a state I only thought existed in a dream. To quote Aesop, "You can dream a little dream or you can live a little dream, I'd rather live it, cause dreamers always chase but never get it." Aesop, one day I'm going to pay you back brother. Believe it!

Most thought out music i've heard for a while. Way to go | Reviewer: Oscar
    ------ About the song None Shall Pass performed by Aesop Rock

I'm intrigued by the amount of thought the artist has put into this music, unlike the majority of top-of-the-charts artists. Will definitely get hold of more of his music.
Thumbs up to Aesop Rock! (odd name?!)

great shit | Reviewer: dex
    ------ About the song Night Light performed by Aesop Rock

there's quite a few comments over on "Daylight" preaching its genious along with loyal fans of aesop, so Im surprised no one has commented on this song. a great complimentary song to daylight. Im not too sure which I like better. great song.

not political | Reviewer: Jason Reeves
    ------ About the song Coffee performed by Aesop Rock

I don't think this is political at all, but about the crushing self-induced conformity and self righteousness of Middle America suburbia. That the description of the neighbor (neighbor being implied by the reference to the fence and the barbecue) is most likely a conservative is probably correct, but a secondary topic at best. the main theme I get from this is that of self-denied potential: of the tendency for peopel to choose what they see as a safe, normal lifestyle even though they end up being crushed by it and their own wealth, and the narrator's rejection of the bourgoisie.

YES YES | Reviewer: Lauren
    ------ About the song Drawbridge performed by Aesop Rock

This is by far my fav Aesop song ever. Thank you, thank you for publising what most other lyric sites don't even include or have a clue as to what the real lyrics are. Yeah, hell yeah

wahoo!!! | Reviewer: tomgodopata
    ------ About the song No Regrets performed by Aesop Rock

ya woh! amazing! right??!!I wish i kanew what inspiried this.. or the moment when his head exploded with this idea.. or maybe it took some time and editing.. ??? thank you to all involved

Take shelter | Reviewer: Vert Konnegut
    ------ About the song None Shall Pass performed by Aesop Rock

and i will remember your name and face
on the day you are judged by the funhouse cast
and i will rejoice in your fall from grace
with a cane through the sky like "none shall pass"

To me, Aesop is saying that when you are "judged by the funhouse cast" that is all the general unthinking consuming masses, that he will rejoice, and that your "fall from grace" is actually the best thing that can happen to you because you will not be beholden to the funhouse cast, the people who don't take things seriously, and that this lowest point after the fall is actually the destination. Here, Aesop will welcome you, because he has remembered your name and face. And once you're in, once you've seen the other side, you can't go back, and Aesop knows it. None shall pass.

My theory | Reviewer: Parsel
    ------ About the song None Shall Pass performed by Aesop Rock

I think he's just trying to use his words to get people to think a little harder. Although, we may not have the the same interpretation as him his songs still makes us recognize all the corruption, violence, greed,and unjustness going on in the world and once enough people recognize the problems then maybe we'll be able to fix them.

sop ock | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Daylight performed by Aesop Rock

i will never tire of listening and hearing new lines that suddenly stand out and add to that the deciphering aspect and you have longevity. And im just referring to the lyrics not even touched on the music n production. De La Soul have similarities, after listening to their songs for decades i still catch something new.

REAL talent

just gotta say.. | Reviewer: thatguy
    ------ About the song Oxygen performed by Aesop Rock

Near the end I'm pretty sure he says, "That stairway to heaven's merely a legend so the peasants dream well." not I steer where the heaven's merely a legend. Not sure tho, anyone else hear it??

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