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It’s Aesop Rock time, again. The eclectic rhyme-sayer who burst onto the radar with his universally acclaimed Definitive Jux debut album Labor Days and then followed it up with the anthemic EP Daylight, returns to reclaim the truth and hand out lyrical beat downs to those who stole the up-rock and buffed the trains. Over four albums of futurized funk, Aesop Rock has been blowing minds with detail-driven narratives and dexterity defying word play. From the early records Music For Earth Worms, Appleseed and Float to the masterful Labor Days, his singular voice has filtered tales of Lower East Side city life through a highly personal lens. And that voice has reached out and touched an enormous amount of people. Surprisingly, while his last two efforts were legitimate underground hits (moving more units than most indie artists, hip hop or otherwise, do in their entire careers) Aesop went into near seclusion for most of the time, avoiding the spotlight that was desperately seeking him out.

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real | Reviewer: Bobby Oates | 5/9/13

its funny how definitive people are when they need a god .He is ONE of the best and every one who says he is the best don't know hip hop as much as they claim, I laugh at people who typically equate what hip hop is too what's presented in main stream media. your not real fans your followers. a follower is not some one who would follow any one but some one who would follow in the first place.wHo do you think rock would say was the best lyricist or his inspiration? or was he inspired by nothing and no one?

Aesop? Oh my god ! | Reviewer: Venormmoth | 10/23/12

He's a god in disguise,wordy he's my lord in the skies and nothing either than a potent ryhme sayer nor a living legend of modern times,Aesop[God] when I denote his stage name,insane ripe of cane on the main leap year winters...AESOP GOD !

top notch lyricist | Reviewer: al boogie | 12/13/11

Aes is the most complex lyricist to date babies with guns is living proof fell in love with this one and labor,not to mention the loads of other tracks that he got. The music goes hand and hand with aes. Truly blown away by this guy...and slept on it too my guy turned me on to him and JMT at the same time...MARSHALL WHO?

Don't talk like that | Reviewer: Kevin Kerin | 3/1/11

There is no doubt that Aesop is one of the best rappers alive, or ever living. But it's asinine to say that if he signed to a major label that me would lose his cool. Music on an underground label isn't necessarily "purer". What matters is that he is a tremendously unique lyricist, and so long as he has that, he could sign to fucking Sony Records, and would still pump out the amazing music we have come to expect (which still seems unexpected every time).

I thought the genre was forever gone to me.. But Aesop Rock has brought it back to life. | Reviewer: Myisha Moore | 1/5/10

I have listened to hip hop and rap for most of my life until it began dull to me. I actually discovered Aesop a few months ago. He is an underground beast. His rhymes and his flow has grown on me. Those other new artists cannot withstand his style, he's like no one else. This man is intelligent and original. My favorite songs are None Shall Pass, Fast Cars, and Coffee. This dude is an true artist and the rhymes he delivers speaks everything about him. Much love to Aes.

The true Rap King | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/27/09

This guy can, in one track, surpass the entire discography of mainstream rappers in the field of lyrics. I haven't heard anything as genre-defining in rap since N.W.A.' s Straight Outta Compton or Public Enemy's It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back. I just hope he doesn't go mainstream and ruin what is definitely a great career in underground rap.

Amazing. | Reviewer: Chloe | 2/21/09

I love Aesop Rock. Period. He's absolutely one of the most amazing artists of our time, hands down.

His rhymes are a hundred times more skilled than any hip-hop artist I've ever heard in my life, and the music in his all songs is completely amazing and unique.

People...bow down, for we've found a king of hip-hop and innovation alike.

Three Fingers for Your Daughter | Reviewer: prettyDickey | 2/10/09

Aes fuckin Rizzle is the very definition of a wordsmith and anyone who hasnt smoked 5 blunts while analyzing every word of Float is missing out on a truly mesmerizing experience. I honestly have nothing but love for Aesop Rock as an artist, but his fellow jukie wookies El-p and Mr. Lif are right on par with my man for anyone wondering. Aesop opened my eyes to the undie movement like The Wu introduced me to classic hip-hop and I havent been the same since. There is no reason to compare Aes to mainstream, because mainstream is not worth the time it takes to type this sentence. "Any rapper on a label should resign or quit." BAZOOKA TOOTH BIaaaTCH!!

Sick. | Reviewer: rhinolite | 12/24/07

Labor Days, None Shall Pass, and Float are the sickest albums ever. Aesrock can spit 100 bars in one track while all the other rappers seem to spit 100 bars for one album. That pineapple line that yero was talking about on that pigs [hidden track] is sick. Love that line.

Innovative | Reviewer: Steve | 12/8/07

Aesop Rock has to be the most innovative artist of our time. He does not just make words when he talks, he speaks to us- everyone. His lyrics are real and work with each other in true synergy- something clearly unique in today's time.

The Shakespear of the rap industry... | Reviewer: Adam Simon | 12/5/07

Aesop Rock has got a style like no other. Like my man Matt previously said, there is no other lyracist who comes close. No matter how hard some one works to copy his style it would be simply impossible because he is his own. I like to think of this cat as the modern day Shakespear, or Leonardo DaVinci although even those names don't do this man the justice he deserves. As each of those men listed above were the greats in their industry, this man too is the great in the rap industry, not only capable of painting a picture for the mind, but painting one so broad it allows any individuals mind to recreate any theme and idea they so choose. One can listen to this mans song a thousand times and hear something different each time. Simply put, Aes has attained a level of lyricism that all who truly know hiphop and are in love with what hiphop really is, aspire to achieve.

Aes Rocks | Reviewer: Matt Heyn | 12/2/07

There is no other artist freestyle, or pen and scribe that is even close. NO matter what. This man is sick. The metaphors and colorful pictures he creates with his words are landscapes etched in vinyl. The flow of the lyrics are really etched into the music. Any one listening to more than just a 'good beat' could hear the difference. Most people that say "I don't understand.", are notably less than musicians or just jealous. Did I mention this cat is white. LOL

Aesop is Untouchable | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/17/07

Aesop Rock is probabaly the most talented and original Hip Hop artist out there. He could rhyme circles around clowns like 50 cent or those other mainstream Pop music rappers. The mainstream cant handle talent like his. He represents real Hip Hop you can tell he cares about it more than just making a quick dollar. Plus his rhyme stlye is just so inventive.

smokin vocals | Reviewer: mike madlem | 5/30/07

I love the delivery of lyrics by Aesop Rock. He flows with dexterity that rivals better known artists in the hip hop world like Eminem and the other big boys, but with an underground coolness factor because a lot of folks still have not found this talented artist.

Aesop Rock Rules | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/17/06

He has great lyrics that intertwine with eachother that goes all over the place but still means something.

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