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Aerosmith was formed in 1970, when vocalist Steven Tyler
met guitarist Joe Perry while working at an ice cream
parlor. Bassist Tom Hamilton and guitarist Ray Tabano,
joined the group, but Ray was replaced by Brad Whitford and
they added drummer Joey Kramer.

In 1972 they landed a record contract with Columbia
Records. As a result, Aerosmith's self-titled debut album
was released in the fall of 1973.

Areosmith spent time touring the U.S. and working on their
secound album Get Your Wings, it spent a total of 86 weeks
on the More...

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Review about Aerosmith songs
Wicked Beat | Reviewer: Stixx Murphy
    ------ About the song Nobody's Fault performed by Aerosmith

This is an underrated song. The guitar is tuned low which gives it's heavy sound. Joey Kramer plays this slow beat with hi-hats opening & closing. It sounds easy but its not. Ive been playing drums for 30 yrs and still cant relly figure out whats going on. ha ha ha Check it out very cool song.....

new song | Reviewer: cedar camp
    ------ About the song Seasons Of Wither performed by Aerosmith

First time I heard this song was 2 days ago. Listened to rocks and toys in the attic alot in my teens. I love discovering these "hidden" gems. This is now my favorite Aerosmith song. Don't like people calling it a ballad. Just a great blues song. Heard they did a blues album. Will try to find it. New respect for Tyler

Still rockin' after all these years | Reviewer: Sammerbug
    ------ About the song Seasons Of Wither performed by Aerosmith

You KIDS {30 years & below}, have the audacity to critique Aerosmith's music (past and present), what do you know about Rock n' Roll. Steven Tyler - one of the greatest singers/writers of ALL times, ditto with Joe Perry, and the rest of the band - all of them in their 60's! They were rockin' and topping the charts when you weren't even thought of being embryo! Who else in the music industry can say that after 40+ years can still hit the charts with songs. Exceptions being Rolling Stones and Elton John, but, despite their talent even they haven't hit the charts or toured in a long time. Leave them alone til you can do better!

Brilliant | Reviewer: Debbie
    ------ About the song Dream On performed by Aerosmith

I have been listening to this song since I can remember. About 35 years now. It never gets old and it resonates even with my own children. The lyrics are brilliant, the music is phenomenally beautiful. Steven and Aerosmith keeps on rockin even while the lead singer is pushing 70 years old! You are an inspiration!

Currently My Favorite Song | Reviewer: Faith
    ------ About the song Seasons Of Wither performed by Aerosmith

First of all, I'm 14. Most people my age have never heard of the musical genius that is Aerosmith. Not my problem. I consider myself blessed actually. Anyway, I've always been against choosing "favorites". That was until I heard Aerosmith. They're my favorite band and currently this is my favorite song. The change up is absolutely breathtaking and leaves me smiling every time I hear it. Instantly cheers me up. Aerosmith is a gift to this f**kin' world. ^^(A)^^ \m/

Greatest Hard Rock Album Of All Time | Reviewer: joetoronto
    ------ About the song Back In The Saddle performed by Aerosmith

What an album, Aerosmith truly at their peak.

By the way, Rocks was released in 1976, Joe and Brad didn't leave until after Draw The Line, in 1977.

So there's no way this song was about reuniting with them as they hadn't even left yet.

ear candy | Reviewer: pirata!
    ------ About the song Dude (Looks Like A Lady) performed by Aerosmith

aerosmith best songs were from the 1970s stuck in an elevator! ya ya i know its love in an elevator! crazy! cryin! jaded! angel!pink! janes got a gun! dude looks like a chick with a dick! you could make one long song out of these titles!

i dont want a miss a thing | Reviewer: tino vampire
    ------ About the song I Don't Want To Miss A Thing performed by Aerosmith

I dont wann miss one kiss,i just wanna be with you,right here with you,i just want to hold you close feel yiur heart so close to mine and just stay here in this moment for the rest of my time.

close to home | Reviewer: dustin d.
    ------ About the song Kiss Your Past Good-Bye performed by Aerosmith

Hearing.Just listened to this song in peacef/ul North Conway NH. Tonight. It reminds me of where I was and how far I came to get here.Very inspiring.I grew up in theCarver/middleboro area when I was a teenager discovering my rock guys continue to impress me with every thing that you do when each of you come together to create that magic that's only found in that split second.I'm sure my buddy Chris dropped plenty of demos in Joes mailbox."Tryptonite"and he would be happy to know,although the boys parted musically,they still play around our area.So yup...I kinda know what I'm

Brad Whitford classic | Reviewer: Bartman2001
    ------ About the song Nobody's Fault performed by Aerosmith

This IS my favorite Aerosmith song and without question one of their best! Reading the comments below however shows how little respect Brad Whitford gets. This song was written by Brad Whitford and Steven Tyler. Joe had NOTHING to do with the writing of it and only played on it. Check out other songs Brad has written with the band they are ALWAYS among their best (Last Child, Round and Round, Kings & Queens, Shela, Voodoo Medicine Man). If the main thing you get from this song is parallels to today’s political climate all I can say is yawn. Ever changing current events have nothing to do with this rock & roll masterpiece. Aerosmith’s finest song from their finest album, capolavoro if you please: 1976’S ROCKS!

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