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Aerosmith was formed in 1970, when vocalist Steven Tyler met guitarist Joe Perry while working at an ice cream parlor. Bassist Tom Hamilton and guitarist Ray Tabano, joined the group, but Ray was replaced by Brad Whitford and they added drummer Joey Kramer.

In 1972 they landed a record contract with Columbia Records. As a result, Aerosmith's self-titled debut album was released in the fall of 1973.

Areosmith spent time touring the U.S. and working on their secound album Get Your Wings, it spent a total of 86 weeks on the charts.

Aerosmith's third record, 1975's Toys in the Attic, was their breakthrough album their sound was pure rock n roll, and the the album hit number 11. Its success prompted the re-release of the power ballad "Dream On," which shot into the Top Ten in early 1976. Both Aerosmith and Get Your Wings climbed back up the charts in the wake of Toys in the Attic. "Walk This Way," the final single from Toys in the Attic, was released around the time of the group's new 1976 album, Rocks. Although it didn't feature a Top Ten hit like "Walk This Way," Rocks went platinum quickly, peaking at number three.

In early 1977, Aerosmith took a break and prepared material for their fifth album. In addition to another tour in 1978, the band appeared in the movie Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, performing "Come Together," which eventually became a number 23 hit. Aerosmith recorded Night in the Ruts in 1979, releasing the record at the end of the year. Brad Whitford left the group in early 1980, forming the Whitsford-St. Holmes Band with former Ted Nugent guitarist Derek St. Holmes.

As Aerosmith regrouped with new guitarists Jimmy Crespo and Rick Dufay, the band released Aerosmith's Greatest Hits in late 1980; the record would eventually sell over six million copies.

Pump, released in 1989, continued the band's winning streak, reaching number five, selling over four million copies, and spawning the Top Ten singles "Love in an Elevator," "Janie's Got a Gun," and "What It Takes."

Aerosmith released Get a Grip in 1993. The album was as successful as the band's previous two records, featuring the hit singles "Livin' on the Edge," "Cryin'," and "Amazing." In 1994, Aerosmith released Big Ones, a compilation of hits from their Geffen years which fulfilled their contract with the label; it went double platinum shortly after its release.

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Smoke and Mirrors | Reviewer: Ken Machts | 2/16/13

What about the album Smoke and Mirrors? Why was this album left out? It would seem to me that true Aerosmith fanatics would have included this album in their documentary. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks, Ken M.

Done With Mirrors | Reviewer: Ken Machts | 2/16/13

Correction, Done with Mirrors not Smoke and Mirrors. I guess that answers that question even I didn't get the album's name right. Still I think it should be on the website's documentary on Aerosmith. Ken M.

hey guys =) | Reviewer: Kristi | 2/23/10

Well, right now i am doing a research paper on Aerosmith and if i get an email from anyone acquainted with the band, i get an automatic A! So it would be awesome if someone e-mailed me just some brief info about the band. Thanks! I hope to hear from you!

I LOVE YOU STEVEN | Reviewer: johana | 10/25/09

i think you guys are awsome I really like the song dream on every time that i´m hearing my I pod I listen to that song and I start singing it. oh and I also like the song beyond beutiful.

Saw Aerosmith at BOK Center in Tulsa Oklahoma last night | Reviewer: Chris Warwick | 7/31/09

You guys were awesome last night, ZZ top opened, they were ok, but I was so impressed with Aerosmith. I only wish you would have played the standard 2 songs for encore instead of one, but other than that I would say you were the best concert I ever went to.

amazing. | Reviewer: Kashmir | 7/2/09

Even after all these years, Aerosmith is still amazing. Steven still sounds great, Joe's playing is better than ever, and they're still making top quality music. I went and saw them at Jones Beach last Friday and they were just unbelievable. Larger than life. This band turned everything around for me. Thank you guys.

who's the idiot pretending to be Axl Rose?

Aerosmith: One of the best | Reviewer: Vincent | 6/15/09

Aerosmith is a great band. My senior year is coming up and I'm wondering whether to use Dream on or use a song by DragonForce.... Truthfully, Those 2 bands are the best of the best and I'm going to have a tough decision.

Truly an "AMAZING" Band! | Reviewer: Jill | 4/18/09

They've been my very fave band since I was 13, about 34 years now! I've seen them dozens of times in concert. They are definitely worth it! They are truly an amazing band and an absolutely awesome live band! They've been going for almost 40 years and still going strong! They do have a new live DVD (a concert from a few years ago) out also called You Gotta Move. It was recorded in Las Vegas, it's really great. Check it out as well as checking them out in concert if you can.

AXL ROSE | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/8/09

It's me W.Axl Rose.Steven I know that in the past few years you and I have gotten in a few arguements about our differnces but i just wanted to say that STEVEN,JOE,TOM,BRAD AND JOEY you guys are my music icons.So glad that you guys were inducted into the 2001 Rock N Rll hall of fame and ill be at your next world tour if your still tuning like the Rolling Stones!!!

i am aerosmiths biggest fan | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/22/08

hey this is brandon kuehl and i need this bio for my project, i got to pick the famous band and i picked you guys so you guys have my e-mail so please send me some information about you guys that i dont know yet peace out (kuehl)

Chain Reaction | Reviewer: Maso | 5/2/08

Well... I remember them before 1970 in Yonkers, N.Y. as "The Chain Reaction" They had Steven Tylor ( then Tolarico ) Joe Perry and Tom Hamilton. They also had Don Soloman on keys and I don't know who the drummer was.

I love Steven and his band | Reviewer: Natalia Torres | 4/16/08

I think is the best bands in the world and in my world too. I´m so sad ´cause i want to go to see them but I live in Argentina and It´s so hard trip here. :(.. (sorry maybe my english is confuse)

i love aerosmith | Reviewer: kelly | 2/9/08

seen them in concert when i was 7 back in '94 been a life long fan ever since by far the greatest american rock band still out there doin it and the reason "i don't wanna miss a thing" is not included is because they didn't write it, it was written for the movie still a geat song though

Good job but... | Reviewer: dan | 1/21/08

Yea great job on the bio but you forgot one of their BIGGEST songs of all time, I dont wanna miss a thing, althought i guess because it wasent their personal album. Great bio any way...

L O N G L I V E R O C K N ' R O L L

Why Aerosmith?!!! | Reviewer: Al Bonab | 1/17/08

I've been listening to many songs from varies groups, and I think Aerosmith is one of the best groups in the world.superior lyrics with excellent performance make them the best.
I love their songs.

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