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Prince Adore Lyrics

Last updated: 07/21/2009 11:00:00 AM

Until the end of time
I'll be there 4 U
U own my heart and mind
I truly adore U
If God one day struck me blind
Your Beauty I'll still see
Love is 2 weak 2 define
Just what U mean 2 me
From the first moment I saw U
I knew U were the 1
That night I had 2 call U
I was rappin' til the sun came up
Tellin' U just how fine U look
In a word, U were sex
All of my cool attitude U took
My body was next
U made love 2 me
Like U was afraid
Was U afraid of me?
Was I the first?
Was I your every fantasy?
That's why
Until the end of time
I'll be there 4 U
U own my heart and mind
I truly adore U
If God 1 day struck me blind
Your beauty I'll still see
Love is 2 weak 2 define
Just what U mean 2 me

When we be makin' love
I only hear the sounds
Heavenly angels cryin' up above
Tears of joy pourin' down on us
They know we need each other
They know U are my fix
I know, U know that I ain't cheatin baby
They know this is serious
This ain't just for kicks, No
This condition I got is crucial
U could say that I'm a terminal case
U could burn up my clothes
Smash up my ride, well maybe not the ride
But I got 2 have your face
All up in the place
I'd like to think that I'm a man of exquisite taste
A hundred percent Italian silk, imported Egyptian lace
But nothin' baby, I said nothin' can compare
2 your lovely face (do U know what I'm sayin' 2 U?)

I'm just tryin' 2 say
That until, until the end of time

(ad lib)

I'll be there 4 u

(ad lib)
Can I talk 2 U?
Tell U what U mean to me
Everytime U wander
I'll be your eyes so U can see
I wanna show you things
That I never showed no other, I wanna be
More than your mother
More than your brother
I wanna be like no other
If U need me, I'll never leave
I know, that U know, without U there is no me
There is no me
Without U there is no sea
There is no shore

Love is 2 weak 2 define how much I adore
The last words U hear

"Be with me darlin' til the end of all time
I'll give you my heart
I'll give you my mind
I'll give you my body
I'll give you my time
4 all time I am with U

U are with me?

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"ADORE" | Reviewer: Antoine | 7/16/09

WoW! What can be said about the greastest love song of all time? I think the only one who can describe the beauty in this song perfectly is Prince, while everyone else just feels the love from it! I play this song at least 6 - 7 times a month, It will always be my favorite!

Prince is the Man!!! | Reviewer: James Sharpe | 12/15/07

Not many would disagree with the statemnet that Prince is the absolute number One in the Music Industry. A true genius and hopeless Romantic, mastering over 25 instruments, being blessed with a voice that is truly second to none.
Adore does not only represent his excellent composing talents but also highlights his incredible feeling for timing/arrangement (I had the pleasure of seeing him perform life in London on August 1st and believe me, he is even better life than on CD). Combined with his Angel-like voice bringing us the most romantic lyrics ever written, Adore is a song that, for me, added something meaningful to my life. Prince, I truly thank you for having created so many beautiful compositions!

Adore | Reviewer: MiMi | 11/19/07

This is by far my most favorite song in the WORLD!!!! I don't think that people understand the feeling and love that pours through this song. And the words are so real...things that would be said in a regular conversation with the one you love. i mean "If God one day struck me blind...your beauty I'll still see"...that is something powerful to say to someone you love! I WILL PLAY THIS AT MY WEDDING!!!

Prince/ adore | Reviewer: mila | 9/7/07

This is my all time favorite song I have always loved this song. When I get married next year, my fiance' and will sing this song to eachother at our reception. COME BACK PRINCE!!!

Adore | Reviewer: Crys | 6/23/07

This is my all time favorite song...This song will always be a favorite to alot of people for many many years to come...I don't ever see this song playing out...I miss the old Prince...Come back...

Adore | Reviewer: Marsha | 12/6/04

My boyfriend asked me to check out the lyrics because he said this is how he feels. I checked them out. They are beautiful, and now they have a great meaning to me. Thanks