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b. Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. With her 1995 debut, Do You
Wanna Ride?, assertive soul singer Adina Howard managed to
achieve commercial success as well as raising eyebrows with
her volatile cocktail of sexually potent imagery and
effusive R&B. The mainstream success of the attendant
single, "Freak Like Me', helped pave the way for other
upfront female R&B singers, including Foxy Brown and Lil'
Kim. Peaking at number 7 in the Billboard R&B charts, the
debut album's sales profile of over half a million copies
was encouraging. The More...

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Reviews about Adina Howard songs

wrong song!!! | Reviewer: travis
    ------ About the song I'll Be Damned If I Apologize performed by Adina Howard

these are not the lyrics to "I'll be dammed if i apologize" by adina howard and KC hailey. These are the lyrics to "damned if i do, damned if i dont" by Adina howard and something for the people, from the sound track to A thin line between love and hate. Every website has made this mistake so far!

great song | Reviewer: Lorelei
    ------ About the song Freak Like Me performed by Adina Howard

this is a great dance song and fun to sing to. I remember this song from about 10 years ago. glad to find it on itunes to download to my ipod.

nasty grind | Reviewer: Charles forrest
    ------ About the song Nasty Grind performed by Adina Howard

nasty grind is a type of song that i like to play b4 and after i get my freak on

Adina | Reviewer: Lola Bunny aka Pimpcess
    ------ About the song T-Shirt & Panties (featuring Jamie Foxx) performed by Adina Howard

How bout on july 3rd 2004 Adina howard came and performed for us and i love t shirt and my panties it is a good song... She did a real good job wit jamie.. Keep up tha good work ma.. U probably remember seein me cuzz i was front row huh ma... Well i am owtt One

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