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On October 25, 2005, Caraccioli informed the band that he
would no longer continue to sing for them, leaving on his
own accord. According to bassist Dave DeRoo, however, Luke
had planned to leave the band long before his departure was
announced, leaving the band feeling betrayed. For several
days after Caraccioli left the band, he and DeRoo engaged
in a heated debate as to why Caraccioli left the band on
Adema's official message board. It was during this time
that Adema caught up with former vocalist Mark Chavez and, More...

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Review about Adema songs
drunk fuck it | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Betray performed by Adema

i got drunk of my ass to get over you ans guess what no im not over u win y wanted to get in my life so congrats you did and know i hate u i dedicate u this song u turned into something i never thought u would i should have known better u were to good to be true and yes im drinking again

Wow! | Reviewer: Nathan
    ------ About the song Promises performed by Adema

Despite people converting this to the story of a failed relationship it can be told in many different ways and doesn't necessarily have to be about love. I personally believe it's about his mother/father/friend betraying him or becoming lost in their work.

"I went outside to take a walk so I could relive memories"

In my opinion this line's about him playing outside with the person at a young age, the next part of this line makes me think of the fact sometimes fathers promise to have fun with you but then tell you they were busy with work.

You're not gunna change who you really are"

makes me think of the fact no matter how many times a child can display their feelings towards their father, nothing will change and they will remain busy.

A tricky thing I found was this part.

"You've got your wish you've worn me down"

This makes me think of a friend becoming a bully, always tormenting and troubling him.

This song sadly enough makes me think of fight club, or a drug trip both fine.

The lyrics display a bit of tension between the two characters, and the fact character B was never there could be because it's a split personality that can't really ever help.

Note: This was written by a fifteen year old so I apologize about the fact it's fantasy based.

This song | Reviewer: *crying
    ------ About the song So Fortunate performed by Adema

Brings back memories of a time when I was obsessed with Linkin Park... the song came up on Pandora Radio and I've been hooked ever since. It makes me sort of want to start crying, it's that good, and It's so... powerful... *sigh*
(Is it weird that this song reminds me of Brian Molko and his kid lol?)

about the vocals...... | Reviewer: BB Slick
    ------ About the song Giving In performed by Adema

Maybe Chavez vocals can be relatable to LP but Chavez is also the half brother to Jonathan Davis from Korn and I think he sounds more like his brother then Chester from LP.....its not a abig deal, people sound alike especially when you have the same influences in music.....Adema is awesome, LP is awesome, but Korn is the f***king shit! =)

Uhh | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Giving In performed by Adema

Chavez and Bennington don't sound anything alike. Chavez's voice is much edgier and hoarser. Bennington, while still very talented, is more whiney sounding. I grew up on these bands. Much better than the talentless garbage like My Chemical Romance, Fallout Boy, and whatever sissy shit they're sticking on the radio and calling rock. | Reviewer: Shadowaccura
    ------ About the song Blow It Away performed by Adema

Dude so what if the lyrics are childish and if up to "standard rock band's lyrics" all fucking rock bands would be the same. Plus a song is suppose to relate to a person and make them feel something i love this song and i tell u one thing and that is i m going crazy tonight.

immortal | Reviewer: cold reptillian scorpion
    ------ About the song Immortal performed by Adema

this song rocks hard, scorpion is the ultimate fighter, its too bad he gets ripped apart in the soulnado, damn you shang tsung, you are just lucky that scorpion is immortal, or i would majorly kick your ass as reptile... as a forenote... the ninjas rock hardcore, too bad smoke isnt in MK anymore...

smoke, sub zero, reptile and scorpion... the ultimate fighters

Man I love Adema...couple years late... | Reviewer: Lee
    ------ About the song Giving In performed by Adema

How come you know them and not Adema oh let's see because your young and only listen to "current mainstream", wait I'm 19 and I've known about Adema for a while even though the time I heard about them to actually listening to their songs was a couple of years...yes that's possible. Although I've known of linkin park since 2001 and still love them.

awesome song | Reviewer: ahmad basma
    ------ About the song Unstable performed by Adema

i'm a vocal/bassist in a nu/heavy metal/hard rock band in egypt this song is just simply awesome its just not just the melody or the guitars it's also the vocalist is singing and screamin in the right ways without hurting his vocals or making it sound worse

yeahhh | Reviewer: Louis Beckett
    ------ About the song Promises performed by Adema

awesome song!!!! I remember the damn promises of that girl, the one I thought was the love of my life, I'm just tired of her... nothing can make her happy at all. but u know what? I'm still in love of her.. the adema poison should rule the
world. enjoy!

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