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Ben Folds Adelaide Lyrics

Last updated: 02/28/2013 10:08:43 AM

On a plane
Far from the united states
Dropping in from outer space
Takes a day
Now I see the Bogans
At the motor race
Here you know the world could turn
Or crash and burn
And you would never know it
Going where the air is clear
There's better beer in Adelaide

Charlie Hill-Smith's forty
Someone spiked my rice
The rest, history
Now I am a fixture down

Rundle Mall
Watching as the locals pass
Silver balls
I can see their eyes around
They're pointed down
They scan the spanning sidewalks
Learning that there is no hurry
Fuss or worry

Ah ah ah ah
Ah ah ah ah

Ah ah ah ah
Ah ah ah ah

It's raining
In Adelaide
A face is waiting in a window
A voice says
Why Adelaide
You could live anywhere and I say
Because I want to
Because I want to
I really really want to

And you know the earth could turn
Or crash and burn
And you would never know it
Really got to make it to the finish line
Get the record done on time
Pack the bags
And catch a flight
And you can kiss my ass goodbye
On Adelaide

Thanks to Patrick D for submitting Adelaide Lyrics.

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Awesome song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/25/11

This is an awesome song and I have listened to it 5 times on my ipad only tonight!!!
I don't live in Adelaide but now I want to go there!!!
Oops go to go...I am supposed to be reading and my mum is coming
Keep listening

Far from the united states | Reviewer: Rachel | 9/15/09

9 years ago I moved here with family from the USA and I LOVE that this song exists because esp with this lyric bc this is how i feel. 9 yrs later and going to other aussie places and i choose to live here- could live anywhere and I say
Because I want to
Because I want to
I really really want to

Ben folds, awsome guy with a great song! must of lived in Adelaide. | Reviewer: Adelaidean | 11/19/08

You would understand the song more if you have lived in adelaide. I lived in different states for the last 3 yrs and moved back thanks to this song lol. Brought all my happy memories in Adelaide. I lived in Sydney, melbourne and the Gold Coast (Gold Coast is a must go). It was great fun for the first 1-2 months, until it felt like any other cities. Seems like the only people that was really happy are the people there for holidays. Adelaidean seem much happier.

heres a song link with some pics.

so true. | Reviewer: Mia | 7/23/08

I recent went to Sydney for a vaction for my mum's birthday and it's so much different from adelaide.

I was so glad to come back home to the quiet streets and an empty airport at 9pm unlike sydney where there would have been at least a thousand.

I didn't realize how much i liked Adelaide til i went away. Adelaide is home.

Adelaidian | Reviewer: Reggie | 4/8/08

I love that Ben wrote a song about my dear home town.
I recently went for a little trip around the rest of Australia (not the first time I've done this), and I have to say it's so good to be home.
We're Australia's very own big-city country town!


Charlie Hill-Smith | Reviewer: emily | 1/13/08

Charlie is a person. Film maker, Rhino Room club owner, eccentric and owner of the Silver Mine - house built up against a hill with a silver mine attached. Scene to some incredible parties. I think Ben met his wife Frally through Charlie.

wtf cc ? | Reviewer: rev | 1/7/08

Reading the arrogance of east coast urbanites always makes me smile, lost in their own self importance yet globally obscure as they are.The only thing this city misses is the occasional overpriced tour and recent Mike Patton bastardry.Described as a,"lovely wee spot",by Billy Connolly when naming his favourite place in Australia (on 'Rove live), Rove's look of surprise was priceless.

ahhh memories | Reviewer: zylah | 1/4/08

I grew up in Adelaide, and it brings back memories everytime i hear it. What I wonder is about "Charlie Hill-Smith's". I've never heard of it is it a place or someone who lives there? Does anyone know??

: ) | Reviewer: imy | 9/2/07

dear mr folds,
you've captured adelaide m'dear. it's definately the place to be, where the bogans meet the sea!

Adelaide, far from the united states.. | Reviewer: Jen | 8/23/07

I love the lyric

"A voice says
Why Adelaide?
You could live anywhere and I say
Because I want to
Because I want to
I really really want to"

It explains my feelings about Adelaide. My sister is always asking "why Adelaide?" I've only been there once, but it gave me a hell good feeling and as soon as I leave school I'm going there!