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Adeaze is the two man R&B duo of brothers Nainz and Viiz
Tupa'i. A new movement in the sound of contemporary R&B

Starting their musical career at the ages of 4 and 5
respectively, Adeaze are the architects of their own sound
featuring soaring harmonies and emotional song writing far
beyond their years.

Brought up playing music in the church, the brothers used
the time wisely crafting their skills with different
instruments and live performance. Their passion for music
continued and Adeaze performed eagerly at various church More...

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Review about Adeaze songs
YOU ROCK | Reviewer: josephine
    ------ About the song Getting Stronger performed by Adeaze

Some people say that love is awesome but to me it is painful cause they love u cause u have something that they want....... this song inspired me today and it touch my heart.... thank u ADEAZE im ur #1 fan....

Ilovethissong! <3 | Reviewer: enna toby
    ------ About the song A Life With You performed by Adeaze

Hi my name is enna toby! i live up in the Torres Strait Island but i currently live in Rockhampton at the moment.... Umm I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH! hope ADEAZE makes more of these romantic song! Love you long time ADEAZE and i'm your 1 fan!xo

bumble beexox | Reviewer: sallyanne winter
    ------ About the song Getting Stronger performed by Adeaze

jst wnted 2 say u guyz r da best iloove all ur songs nd dey r really bootyful. 1st song i really lyke keep goin nd fufill ur career of singin u influence nd inspire people 2
go all da way nd neva give up so yea thanxx so mch ur da best..

"class concert!" | Reviewer: terence
    ------ About the song A Life With You performed by Adeaze

i soooooo love this song well me& some of our class? like talimai, paulina, leata, also monique? is going to be singing this at our "class concert" soon? &i jsu hope tht it sounds good like yous? :D .xo we all really love this song? so fingers cross tht we sound good like yous! yup bye(: .xo

Song | Reviewer: Summer Tuhakaraina
    ------ About the song The Lord Is My Light performed by Adeaze

At our school Te Wharekura o Te Rau Aroha located near Morrinsville. We made up a maori version to this song because of how much it inspired us while being sung (: by addesse love the song!

i love love you guys | Reviewer: sam
    ------ About the song Getting Stronger performed by Adeaze

hi when i heard this song i really love it by the way you rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I LOV LOV LOV YOUSE! | Reviewer: Justine
    ------ About the song Getting Stronger performed by Adeaze

Okay when i first heard your guys song it just touched my heart and i listened to it over and over again just wish i wud get to listen to your song everydae but.. i have to go to school and other places! anyways you rock!

nice one | Reviewer: epifaniasiufanua
    ------ About the song A Life With You performed by Adeaze

didnt you guys know that this is the only song that ive been listen to it every time i went on the computer every I go, at school at my friends,I really like this song because everytime i had a fight with my man i always sang this song so that he could regret what hes saying.................

wow. | Reviewer: Melissa
    ------ About the song Getting Stronger performed by Adeaze

I've heard this song quite a few times before, and I've enjoyed it, but that was it. Now since I'm older, I understand the lyrics, and I love performing this song at school, and today in music I was singing it. Great job Adeaze. :)

thank u | Reviewer: Tekea
    ------ About the song E Paia performed by Adeaze

Hi...umm just wana say that this song is really overwhelming. I mean it beautifully sung n composed. I really love this song, but i just wana ask one thing, do u have the lyrics of this song in English n if so can u email it to me please...

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