Adam Sandler Albums

  • Shhh...Don't Tell Album (7/13/2004)
    Sid & Alex
    Pibb Goes Surfing
    The Amazing Willy Wanker
    Gay Robot
    Pibb Tries the Skateboarding
    Creepin' on the Mayor
    The Mayor of Pussytown
    Timmy Tinyhole
    Pibb Takes the Mexican ATV Tour
    The Boss and the Secretary
    Best Friend
    Pibb Needs the Hot Rocks
    The Mule Session
    Newlyweds, Sleepyheads
    Calling Home
    Mr. 'I Do' and the Doo Doos
    Whore! Where Are You?!
    Stan the Man

  • Stan and Judy's Kid Album (9/21/1999)
    Hot Water Burn Baby
    Cool Guy 1
    7 Foot Man
    The Peeper
    Cool Guy 2
    Dee Wee (My Friend the Massive Idiot)
    Cool Guy 3
    She Comes Home to Me
    The Champion
    Cool Guy 4
    Chanukah Song Part II
    Inner Voice
    Cool Guy 5
    Welcome My Son
    The Psychotic Legend of Uncle Donnie

  • What's Your Name? Album (9/16/1997)
    The Lonesome Kicker
    Bad Boyfriend
    Pickin' Daisies
    Cordurory Blues
    Listenin' To The Radio
    Sweat Beatrice
    Dancin' and Pantsin'
    Zittly Van Zittles
    Four Years Old
    The Respect Chant
    The Goat Song
    Red Hooded Sweatshirt

  • What The Hell Happened To Me? Album (2/13/1996)
    Joining The Cult
    Ode To My Car
    The Excited Southerner Orders A Meal
    The Goat
    The Chanuka Song
    The Excited Southerner Gets Pulled Over
    The Hypnotist
    Steve Polychronopolous
    The Excited Southerner At A Job Interview
    Do It For Your Mama
    Crazy Love
    The Excited Southerner Meets Mel Gibson
    The Adventures Of The Cow
    Dip Doodle
    The Excited Southerner Proposes To A Woman
    Memory Lane
    Mr. Bake-O
    Sex Or Weight Lifting
    What The Hell Happened To Me?

  • They're All Gonna Laugh At You Album (11/1/1993)

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