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Adam Gregory Biography

Last updated: 02/13/2004 01:59:11 AM

A mixture of up-tempo songs and ballads, 'Workin On It' continues themes from Adam's first album while expanding his range, evolving as he matures. "You can still hear a connection between this album and my first release, 'The Way I'm Made,' but this one is one step up," comments Adam. Adam tries out different styles of music on this sophomore release. "There's more rocking country on this album," Adam explains, "and the ballads are heartfelt. It's good driving music, but it's also good music to dream to."
'The Way I'm Made,' Adam's debut CD, was released when he was 14. In the three years since its launch, Adam has seen more of the world then the average teenager. He has completed two tours with the Wilkinson's, opened up for Paul Brandt and Lonestar, and has been asked to perform at numerous key events across Canada, including The Calgary Stampede, Hanna Rodeo, the Williams Lake Stampede, Big Valley Jamboree, Merritt Mountain Festival, and the Havelock Country Jamboree, to name a few. "I've been on the road and experienced many things people my age don't usually experience," observes Adam, "It forces you to grow up a bit."
'The Way I'm Made' established Adam as an emerging star, not only in country music, but also in the mainstream music scene. The album earned Adam the Prairie Music Award for "Outstanding Country Music Recording," in September 2001. Adam won the Canadian Radio Music Award for "Best New Country Artist" for "Horseshoes," the first single from the album, at the March 2001 ceremonies during Canadian Music Week. 'The Way I'm Made' was also nominated for two Juno Awards and four Canadian Country Music Awards. The four singles from the album: "Horseshoes." "Only Know I Do," No Vacancy," and "Big Star," were top ten hits at radio and all four videos made to accompany the singles were #1 at CMT. At the time of his sophomore release "Workin' On It", sales for Adam's debut release are Gold.
'Workin' On It' is produced by David C Martin, who is also attributed with writing credits on the album. A rewarding working relationship was established between the two while recording 'The Way I'm Made' and Adam wanted to work together again. "We very much share the same style and musical sensibilities. We're coming from the same place," Adam comments, "I appreciate his talents and he's become a great friend too."
The vocals for the album were tacked at Oasis Studios in Toronto. Adam laughs as he remembers a ritual that was instated during the course of that week. "Before going into the studio, I would eat potato chips. When we recorded the first song I was feeling hungry and started to eat some chips. I think it greased up my throat and after the first take, Dave Martin said to me "Wait a second, I like that. Let's use it" From the on I ate chips before each song!"
Adam co-wrote two songs n the album: "Walking" and "Memory Like That." "When I was co-writing, I was flying with ideas and they (the co-writers) helped me to shape them. It was a cool experience." Adam had written the outline for the song "Walking," a year before he began to write with co-writer Martin. It was a favorite and during the year, he'd often pick up the guitar and strum the notes of the song. The track is about searching for meaning in life and about finding a soul mate.
Adam went to Nashville in the Fall of 2001, to work with a number of writers, on of whom was Gilles Goddard- "Memory Like That," a gentle ballad that describes the moment of falling in love, was the result of their collaboration. "It's about when you meet a girl and the ground around you moves and there are fireworks all a the same time," Adam explains. When questioned about how much he draws from experience, Adam simply replies, "I write songs that I hope people will be able to relate to."
Another writer on the album is Canadian composer Stephan Moccio who wrote the title track for Celine Dion's 2002 release 'A New Day Has Come.' Moccio penned "Don't Think So" for Adam and co-wrote the song "Don't Look The Other Way," with Jim Witterm both of which were recorded at Maison de Musique Studios in Toronto.
The ballad "Sweet Memories" is a previously unreleased song that was written by Garth Brooks a number of years ago. "We met his manager down in Nashville," Adam recalls "and he asked if I would like to give it a try. I felt honored. Before I signed my record deal, I used to sing quite a few Garth Brooks songs when I performed. I've always been a fan."
Adam also has a fan in Billy Ray Cyrus, who sings with Adam on a track from the new album called "When I Leave This House," which was written by Tom Wilson and Colin James. The two met while performing at a summer festival in 2001. "I was the opening act and he was headlining," smiles Adam. When Billy was walking on-stage he passed by me and said "Adam, get ready for something fun." At the end of his set, Billy called over to me to join him and we sang a duet of "Achy Breaky Heart." Backstage after the show, Billy told me that he was a fan of mine! I'm still in shock."
The title track on the album, "Workin' On It," is about two people working on their relationship, but the song also has a special meaning for Adam. "From the beginning of my career, this had been a catch phrase for me," he explains "When people say to me "You must be famous," I always tell them that I'm workin' on it because every day I'm working on something, whether it's music, schoolwork or just trying to be a normal kid. Most importantly, I'm working on life. Who would have thought it would end up be the title?"