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Adam Brand is Australia's hottest young country artist proven by his three wins from five nominations in 1999's CMAA awards Adam Brand was born in Perth and moved to Victoria where he was educated.

At just age 10 he was playing drums in the church band. When he was 16 he left home and was on the road with his uncle selling leather belts out of the back of a van. Here is where he developed an appreciation for bush ballads and trucking songs of Slim Dusty as well as George Strait and Travis Tritt. During the miles on the road he learned the songs and dreamed of becoming a country singer.

After a short stay in Queensland Adam returned to Perth where he formed a country band. He was inspired by the new wave of young country artists including James Blundell, Lee Kernaghan, Vince Gill and Dwight Yoakam.

Less than 2 years ago he left his hometown of Perth and made the move to Sydney.

Here he met his manager Graham Thompson. This resulted in the release of the brilliant first self-titled album.

The release of Adams debut album shows the great talent and incredible writing ability of this hot new young artist. The debut album "Adam Brand" contains songs about the real people and events in Adam's life.

Be sure to see Adam live whenever you can to see the singer /songwriter at his craft.

Adam can be seen on Music Country performing Last Man Standing , Grandpa's Piano and Dirt Track Cowboys, Good Friends and Beating Around the Bush. As well as a duet with Melinda Schneider "Love Away The Night"

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He can sing !!! | Reviewer: Tilly | 9/10/12

Hey Adam
It's Tilly, i have never across a male country vocalist that can sing as great as you!!! I am now doing an assessment on you, i know it sounds weird haha but its something like why a famous person should be Australian Of The Year!! anyway i have to go now, byeeee ;)))

adam brand has got so much talent | Reviewer: rennae | 3/20/09

adam brand has so much talent he has the voice of an angel i think he is the best singer i have ever heard i always go and see him every time he is in campbelltown n.s.w he never forgets me when i go up to him after the show . well done on your new cd hell of a ride it is great . i love you adam brand i can not wait until you come back to campbelltown.
lots of love your number 1 fan rennae franklin

VICTORIAN BUSHFIRES!! | Reviewer: Jackie | 2/11/09

Hi Adam, im from the churchill/jeeralang area and Im sure your aware of the fires that are just horrific in victoria. I was hoping that I could organise a "BLACK SATURDAY APPEAL" concert to raise money for the bushfire victims who most have lost everything. I was hoping you could help me and gather a few more artists who would love to help. Please write back to me. Jackie.

Hey Adam | Reviewer: Lisa Byfield | 11/3/08

Dear Adam,
i don't know if you will have time to read this message or even if you remember me. My name is Lisa Byfield and was ever so lucky enough to have met you when you came to Mudgee N.S.W on your Get Loud tour in 2005. My mum Wendy and myself had dinner with you and Norval at the Winning Post Motor Inn. I gave you a card that i made before you left to get ready for your concert. At your concert i sat in the front row of seats near the centre. My mum sat behind me. It was a great concert and a night that I will never forget. Thankyou very much for giving me the chance to have met you and have dinner. I hope that one day soon I can catch up with you again.
Love Lisa xx

simone | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/30/08

hello adam saw you at the dubbo show april 08. fantastic! had foto taken with you and my mum after the show, i was very pregnant at the time. still remember your face when i turned around. WOAH. now i have a beautiful daughter - 3rd generation brand fan lol. waiting for your next show in dubbo in november. you might remember me , i was in the canoo a couple of years ago when we were at the river with everyone. eunice still hasnt jumped!!!

The Greatest out there! | Reviewer: Chantelle Mcleod | 7/21/08

Hey Adam, I think your the greatest solo singer out there, above all the rest! Im trully looking forward to the Gympie muster as I will be there with bells on! Im looking to become a backup singer and was just wondering if you had any suggestions to point me in the right direction!

Always your devoted Fan
Chantelle Mcleod

Ur awesum Adam | Reviewer: christina | 7/5/08

hey adam

i love ur music i listen to them all the time i have never seen u live be my mum said i can go to places to watch country i watch country all day long sometime

ok bye

when is your birthday | Reviewer: Tenielle schmidt | 6/28/08

hey Adam i is tenielle schmidt here i know your unckle pete and annie i was just wondering if you could please tell me your birthday i would muchly appreciate it. As i am doing a music assesment on you so i am looking forward to hearing from you

love ya Tenielle

adorable,sexy ,gorgeous,great aussie guy | Reviewer: roz | 6/25/08

my life is not complete unless i have a photo or music playing of adam, he can lift my spirits when i am down,just one look at a photo of him melts my heart. and his singing just blows you away,he deserves all the accolades he gets, god put this beautiful creature on our earth to treasure,and i know i will always treasure this down to earth guy.keep up the great work adam.

lots of love

Ur AWESUM Adam | Reviewer: Mimz | 5/20/08

Adam u need 2 cum to Bathurst more often. Cauz ur AWESUM and cute!!! Keep the great work up so that i hav mor new songs 2 listen 2!!! I went to ur Bathurst concert this year(2008) and i absolutely love ur music! I'm 13 yrs old and started following u this year.

He's Great | Reviewer: Nessa | 5/9/08

Seriously, I love Adam Brand.
He deserves much recognition for his work.
Not only is he a brilliant Artist, and have the voice of an angel, but he is also absolutely gorgeous.
My older sister and i, have always loved Adam, he has many fans behind him...

"we love you Adam"

come from the heart | Reviewer: jessica | 5/13/08

i love this song.Come from the heart is the song adam sang when he pulled me and my cousin on stage with him on may 18th 2001 (at the dubbo show). he recently came back to dubbo for the show i loved it he sang all my favorite songs and he still remembered me from 7 years ago anyway g2g bye (i love you adam)

Hey Adam | Reviewer: tquin15 | 3/27/08

Hey adam Brand this is tyleah quinn woldhuis and my mum is your biggest fan. mY MUMS NAME IS BELINDA AND she tags along with her two sisters. I remember going to ur restraunt and u gave us free food.Bye

Review of Sale concert March 08 | Reviewer: Shae | 3/15/08

Hey Adam,
Not sure if you would have time read these but we thought we would just let you know how much we enjoyed your live performance in sale in March 08.Good variety of songs chosen. (most of our favourites) :( missed out on Down Home from your new cd. you probably wouldn't remember us but we were one of the last two girls to get photos and signatures and we were the ones dancing in our seats wheres the dance floor Adam?. love it how you include everyone including Nugget oh one favor say hi to him for us crack up!. your energy is so alive on stage its great and thats what makes a great performance. love to hear from you see you in concert again for sure. best wishes for the rest of your tour and your future. love always Shae and Mel xo

I hope you read this | Reviewer: Emma | 10/25/07

Adam, I am a big fan and i am sincerely hoping you read your reviews as i had no other way of contacting you. I met you a few times in Griffith, first at Harvey Norman on Friday morning. I was with my brother Will from the tyre shop.
I also want to say that you have an amazing voice and Ive already hung up the poster...
If you would like to keep in touch then drop me a line or two

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