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Adam Ant was born as Stuart Leslie Goddard on November 3,
1954 in Maryleborne, London, England.Adam came from a
working class family background. Adam's grandfather was a
full-blooded gypsy. His father was a chauffeur and his
mother used to clean house for Paul McCartney. Adamwas
brought up in North London as an only child. They lived in
just two little rooms without the luxuries of running tap
water and private washroom facilities. They lived in a
fashion to which the average working class London family
has become accustomed to. Adam More...

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Review about Adam Ant songs
Clever One, you were right. | Reviewer: Hettika
    ------ About the song Deutscher Girls performed by Adam Ant

According to Ant's own site :P

"EG records capitalised on the success of Adam and the Ants and released the two recorded tracks from the Jubilee soundtrack, 1978.
Deutscher girls had Adam overdubbing lyrics, changing the word nazi to nasty."

hmm | Reviewer: Clever One
    ------ About the song Deutscher Girls performed by Adam Ant

I was almost certain the singer was saying "Why did you have to be so NAZI" instead of "Why did you have to be so nasty". It would have been more applicable. But it is a good song.

its gd | Reviewer: kayley
    ------ About the song Ant Rap performed by Adam Ant

i remember wen i was at skool dey treated me like i was a fool punished me 4 try 2 act cool n sent me the classroom fac g the wall i was at the laf but no fun 4 me i had maths wen t had pe practiced 4 me gcse i was told the rest were better dan me english every1 got c not me t gave me a g pushed n kicked by all the bullys cut ma head on da ground n grazed up ma nee sent 2 skool on

Racism | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Puerto Rican performed by Adam Ant

I hope no one here actually likes this song! Well it's blatantly, obviously racist, no matter what the band said. Damn what is wrong with people to write such crap like this? Sometimes I wish the world would just disappear. I know it's from the 70's or 80's but it still hurts. Especially to think that Adam Ant enjoyed some success in the mainstrewam of America and Britain. Show's how racism hasn't disappeared at all as many people are so apt to think.

Desperate But Not Serious Review | Reviewer: Enrico Lazzaroni
    ------ About the song Desperate But Not Serious performed by Adam Ant

Awesome, just one of the greatest from the 80'....the taste of Mr Ant is all here, just sit back, relax, and listen to a rock song that fired up his fans all around the world, thanks Adam, so long.


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