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Underoath Act Of Depression Lyrics

Last updated: 05/23/2010 11:00:00 AM

I tried to cry out from the inside, but I guess my soul did not pour itself out enough
Blood on the walls, flaming black, blood on the walls,
I saw you staring through the cracks
No one was to know what was happening in me I felt no love,
I felt no reason to carry on with my life
Everything was wrong, nothing was right, at least that is what I thought
Kids finding laughter at my expense
They were killing me on the inside they couldn't give up their pride
My heart was bleeding from so much grieving
On the outside I looked fine, you couldn't tell but on the inside was eternal hell
I got caught up in the moment of depression,
and before I knew it my body was lying on the ground
With a gun in my hand my hourglass was out of sand
Thanks to all the people who drove me to death
Without you I could of never ended my breath
Through your anger and hate, I was able to choose my fate
There was a way out, but I chose the easy route
Blast of a gun, breath runs out, final thoughts put to extinction
No more love, no more pain, for you have chosen suicide as the way out... help them
Ice cold fingers, body lays on the floor,
pool of blood you see, you scream out in terror
Her body is now a part of mutilation, her soul the victim of strangulation
I will not accept this evil anymore
I never thought of who I hurt or I never tried to look for the good
I'm sorry for whoever I hurt, it's not easy to look back on my life,
and know I did not know Christ
For now I live in a real hell
I wish I had another chance... then I would live my life with love

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__--__ | Reviewer: Ryan Ainsworth | 5/22/10

Some of you people have very retarded reviews about Underoath songs! They are and ALWAYS will be a CHRISTIAN BAND! I'm CHRISTIAN and I personally love dark lyrics. These are good dark lyrics by the way. Yes it talks about suicide, but they are just attempting to explain a story or an occasional event that occurs in many people's lives. DEAL WITH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND YES I'M CHRISTIAN

Underoath | Reviewer: Marx | 2/3/10

these guys are like awesome.
ive listened to this song so much its like so awesome haha.
and like im never gunna get tired of it because when those lil kids like laugh and then like one of them says " you know what, you know what just turn around "
i love that!!!

(Y) | Reviewer: luke :) | 3/27/09

Underoath is such a talented band
i really like how most of underoaths songs have meaning and depth. this has to be one of my fav song. its got a reli good meaning behind it.there new album lost in the sound of seperation is no where near as good as this and act of depression the album is there best by far

My fave song!!!! | Reviewer: Jess | 12/15/08

this is my new fave song!!! the lyrics have so much meaning and i can relate to some of it. the thing i love about underoath is that people can relate to their music. a person can listen to a song and say hey ive felt that way before. it kinda lets people know that theyre not alone in this fucked up world. i really normally hate songs that are all screaming but i love the lyrics to underoaths songs so i listen to them. and the screaming is starting to grow on me. lol. ^_^ great song, great band and that is all i have to say!

Depression | Reviewer: Saint Bobby | 12/4/08

This song is very meaningful i love the lyrics i deffintly like old underoath better then there newer stuff there so deep it really touched me,im struggled with depression and i feel actually more depressed listening to it and reading the lyrics.

Reality | Reviewer: Amanda | 11/21/08

I think this song is amazing. I think it shows people what others actually go through. & it shows that just because you're Christian doesn't mean that you don't go through suffering in life. I am a Christian & I am going through a lot of Hell right now. & honestly, I wish I could be like UnderOath, & have a way of expressing myself through music but sadly, I can't sing. haha.

Oh & I think that UnderOath's old music is definitely better because they screamed more & their songs seem more "real", I guess. I don't know how to put it....

love this song | Reviewer: Emma.J | 10/12/08

ive loved under0ath for sooooo long now and i have posters of them and cds and everythin i love them heaps they r the best band ever and wen i listern to them they make me so happy. :)
im not christian either.
i love there screamo songs the best and the rock.


wish could come to brisbane

Karem | Reviewer: Karem | 8/29/08

I feel this song all the way. I believe in Jesus Christ. I just don't know things anymore. Well I never really did. I'm only twelve years old. not even a teenager yet. I have been experiencing depression for a while though. I never make the right choices anymore. Right now I am like crying because I am thinking of how I never have been good enough for anything. I always end up screwing up. I am a very hated person, I don't know why. Well nevermind yes I do. I am a ughhh! nvm I'm not going to write my life story. After all, nobody cares. so w/e. This song is kool..I guess.

some thoughts | Reviewer: ashley. | 8/4/08

Well I think that UnderOath is reaching people in a new way, a way that maybe more "traditional" christians could never reach. And I really believe that God is working through them and touching some people lives...and souls.

And why shouldn't Christian music be full of sorrow? Just because we believe in God and Jesus doesn't mean that we don't go through pain too, just because we are saved eternally doesn't mean we are guarded from all pain, we just have God to lean on when we go through tough times.

Good for metal/deathmetal/whatever but... | Reviewer: Jon | 5/20/08

If there old stuff is like Act of Depression[ I have yet to hear Changing of Times or other old stuff] It's good. But it's really dark to be Christian. I mean I like As I lay Dying and they get kinda dark and a few others, but it's okay. I like this, I just won't ever think of Old Underoath as Christian bcuz of dark sound. It's cool though.