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It was an April morning when they told us we should go
As I turn to you, you smiled at me
How could we say no?

With all the fun to have, to live the dreams we always had
Oh, the songs to sing, when we at last return again

Sending off a glancing kiss, to those who claim they know
Below the streets that steam and hiss,
The devil's in his hole

Oh to sail away, To sandy lands and other days
Oh to touch the dream, Hides inside and never seen.

Into the sun the south the north, at last the birds have flown
The shackles of commitment fell, In pieces on the ground

Oh to ride the wind, To tread the air above the din
Oh to laugh aloud, Dancing as we fought the crowd

To seek the man whose pointing hand, The giant step unfolds
With guidance from the curving path, That churns up into stone

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If one bell should ring, in celebration for a king
So fast the heart should beat, As proud the head with heavy feet.

Days went by when you and I, bathed in eternal summers glow
As far away and distant, Our mutual child did grow

Oh the sweet refrain, Soothes the soul and calms the pain
Oh Albion remains, sleeping now to rise again

Wandering & wandering, What place to rest the search
The mighty arms of Atlas, Hold the heavens from the earth

The mighty arms of Atlas, Hold the heavens from the earth
From the earth...

I know the way, know the way, know the way, know the way (X2)

Oh the mighty arms of Atlas, Hold the heavens from the earth.

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Alex VZ | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/15/13

I can't believe people fight over which Zeppelin song is better. For fuck's sake, just think of Led Zeppelin as a whole, don't categorize them, just appreciate them for what they were, a band that didn't give a fuck and wrote the music they wanted. The entire LZ repertoire is fantastic and every song has it's own individual value.

I love this song | Reviewer: Adeen | 5/27/13

This song grew on me. When I first heard for first few times, I didn't like it but when I listened to it more and more I listened to it more. I grew to love this song.

I am so addicted to this song! I play it everyday if I have to. I love Led Zeppelin:) RIP John Bonham.

Achilles last stand | Reviewer: Nastradamas | 5/15/13

That's right My beloved, Yes we are taking revelations verse by verse, ( The Epistle Henry II. ) Figure it out yourself is write, These people are the Apostles of the Christ. There will be no more Death for Death Will be explained.

Led Zeppelin | Reviewer: Jesse Rivera | 1/11/13

I love Led Zeppelin every since i could remember. i live in austin texas. music here is everywhere. but one band or one song that has always staid in me has been thins one. it something about this song just drives me. All i can say led zeppelin i would die to see yall performe. DREAMS DREAMS I dont have more time to write but fjgqfd;jgq just so much to stay about this band.

History is made by the victor | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/6/12

And since band or genre has actually won it is silly to that a band is the best. In my opinion LZ is the best band and if you asked me i would tell you no different. But they havent won yet (as in everyone loves them undisputed)so people are still entitled an opinion and realisticly its better this way because if there was only LZ there would be no bad bands to make them look better.

May your Brittany Spears collection meet with a violent end! | Reviewer: McKinley Cooper -- crap? Crap? Plant has more education, traditionally & from life experiences such as being exposed & interacting with cultures all over the ignorant do you have to be to pronounce such a thing when I doubt you've ever read a comic book cover to cover. May your Brittney Spears collection meet with a violent end! | 12/3/12

Crap? Crap? Plant has more education, traditionally & from life experiences such as being exposed & interacting with cultures all over the ignorant do you have to be to pronounce such a thing when I doubt you've ever read a comic book cover to cover. May your Brittney Spears collection meet with a violent end!

Shut Up Moron | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/18/12

To Peter
Robert Plants' lyrics are by no means "Crap". Are you high or something? This song is a prime example of how fantastic his lyrics are. As for the meaning of the lyrics, how can you be sure that they have no meaning? Have you asked Robert Plants about the lyrics personally? No you haven't, so shut up you moron. Personally, I think that they do have meaning. Why would he write lyrics that don't make sense? He isn't Justin Beiber for Christ sake.

THE MEANING. | Reviewer: PETER | 4/22/12

This song is nothing more than Robert trying to atone for his sins after he was in a bad accident in the 1975 nothing more.Yous guy need to stop reading so much into Plants lyrics ,most of them mean nothing and truly are crap.....BUT THE WAY HE SINGS THEM ARE WHAT COUNTS ,NOT THE CONTENT.THANX!

Albion | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/1/12

Albion is an ancient word for England.Sleeping now to rise again refers to prophecy. In the book of Revelation, the verse one of the heads of the dragon was wounded, and came to life again. England is the Red Dragon, as in the great red dragon gave him authority over many waters. Figure out the rest on your own.

To Ride the Wind | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/1/12

The key to understanding LZ songs is with an eye to the mythic, mystic, and subjective dreamery of consciously dissipating beyond the social (and even objective) world. There is a lot of playfulness in the lyrics and loose association. LZ paints doom well, no less so in this song. Vintage. And I agree with the earlier comment about the drums, killer track.

TImeless Tune | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/17/11

I grew up on LZep. I've gone through many musical trends, tastes, styles, etc and I find LZ to remain timeless, never sounding dated. But of all their tunes, Achilles Last Stand Rings strongest to me and perhaps Song Remains the Same. I've a thing for their up tempo tunes. The adventure, mysticism and transcendent epic telling is LZ at its best. Nothing gets me more amped up to face the day than this song. It brings the wonder and adventure back.

I agree | Reviewer: Me | 9/26/11

Ok well look, im 15, and i agree entirely with the hating modern music bit, i despise pop and rap and whatever it is nowadays. plus, ive listened to stairway to heaven, whoever posted the first comment is right about kashmir, but im sorry, stairway is just a little....... eh. I like it, but i think this song, and the fast songs they did, are just the best! and your righ about one more thing, first comment guy, the drumming is completely kick ass.

!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/7/11

@earth, I agree with the sentiment in general but (in my opinion of course) you're nuts if you think this song is better than Stairway. This song features stellar drumming, but structurally, lyrically and vocally I find it subpar as far as Zeppelin goes. To my ears Stairway and Kashmir stand apart from the rest of Zeppelin's catalogue. They have many other excellent songs I think, they just aren't quite as good as those two.

@the internet in general, what is with the trend of half literate teenagers getting onto forums and such to tell us how finely honed their tastes in music are? This is starting to bother me.

Bonzos drumming | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/5/11

Propels this song to new heights. Most drummers could not play this fast amd explosively for nine minutrs. He could be all over this song but he places great fills and crisp timekeeping into evsry part of the song.

Funny.. | Reviewer: Earth | 6/22/11

It's always so funny to me when I'll get into bands with their staple song.. such as Stairway, Another Brick Pt 2, Tom Sawyer, etc.. and then listen to more and more and so many songs seem to be far better melodically/lyrically to me. Perhaps it's the "hipster" in me not wanting to identify with a staple song, but I'll listen to their better songs and the ones that got me into the band are not necessarily abandoned, but rather not listened to as much as my favorite songs by the band. It's always just struck me as humorous when people can identify with a good song, but listen to nothing else that that band produces. If you like that song, perhaps it's due to style, lyrics, composition, singer, etc.. so why not try more of the band? Seems like every time I look at friends music collections they have all the hit songs of bands but disregard hidden gems.
This said, some bands have one hit wonders, naturally, and by no means will all bands have a repertoire of good songs. I just brought this up because this is one of those songs that anybody I ask about will not know of.
Just my two cents, perhaps I'm full of it, just thought I'd share.

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