Acheron Lyrics

Rev. Vincent Crowley - Vocals and Bass
John Scott - Keyboards
Michael Estes - Lead Guitar
Richard Christy - Drums
Peter H. Gilmore - Electronic Symphony

Reverend Vincent Crowley unleashed diabolical fury upon the
world with his creation of ACHERON in 1988. ACHERON was
evoked to embody the very essence of Satanism, crystallized
in the violent sounds of Apocalyptic Black/Death Metal.
Crowley joined forces with Peter H. Gilmore, classically
trained composer of electronic music and a Magister or the
infamous CHURCH OF SATAN. The two More...

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Acheron-666. | Reviewer: Nicholas thuo
    ------ About the song 666 performed by Acheron

Misguided ones open your minds
Leave the past behind
Use the powers from beyond
Accept the sacred bond
Feel a surge pierce your soul
Try and grasp what christ stole
Take the mark from Styx
The symbol is 666
Serve in heaven or rule in hell
Which is better can you tell
Live in black, curse the light
Rebuke the light hail the night

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