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Ace Frehley is the lead guitarist of the hard rock/heavy
metal band Kiss. He joined Kiss in late 1973. Frehley
walked into the auditions for the lead guitarist position,
wearing one red shoe and one orange shoe. As the band was
still talking to Bob Kulick, the previous person to
audition, Frehley started playing his guitar to warm up his
fingers. Kiss members Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons
threatened to throw him out, then noticed his mismatched
shoes, and decided to give him a chance to audition. When
the band played "Deuce" and More...

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Review about Ace Frehley songs
just discovered this version | Reviewer: A.J.
    ------ About the song Do Ya performed by Ace Frehley

I discovered this version playing "Song Pop" on Facebook, I think it's a great cover. ELO's version is a cool song, but this "metalized" version is also a good take. Space with Ace!!!

sebastian bach | Reviewer: Natasha
    ------ About the song Back To School performed by Ace Frehley

sebatian bach sang on back to school 2 young 2 die and trouble walkin o the album trouble walkin.when he was on that metal show he asked eddie during stump the trunk and got a prize.

better than the original | Reviewer: NATASHA
    ------ About the song Do Ya performed by Ace Frehley

my mom had togo to work so she dropped off me and my 2 sisters at my grandmoms house (i am 11 and writing this at her house).when we were coming here i heard a song on the radio that i reconized from ace frehley(i love him and KISS).it wasn't ace but i know that he did his own version of it.i like ace's version better and part of it is because you can understand him better and he doesn't have a chorus echoeing him as much.

Great song | Reviewer: Johan
    ------ About the song Rock Soldiers performed by Ace Frehley

This song is Real good, It got a very clear point:

Dont Drink and Drive!

This is a story about a serious Car accident Ace was in '82 he got to spend sevral Month in hospital.

Rock on Spaceman "Ace"

awesome song | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Into The Night performed by Ace Frehley

I absolutely adore Ace Frehley and I love his solo work, especially his version of "New York Groove." He's amazing. ^_^

donna want to meat ace | Reviewer: donna williams
    ------ About the song Rocket Ride performed by Ace Frehley

hi im a professional singer and i have dance song on the radio but after iheard you i realized disco suck my manger met you at the cat club in 1985and you hung out and he turn me on to you i would like to know if you do any studio work you can check me out my hit song are alabyes and true loves never dies im redoing them rock and roll iwould love you to play on them it would be worth you while contack teddywah@aolcom

From My Point Of View | Reviewer: Jim Haney
    ------ About the song Do Ya performed by Ace Frehley

as being an amature rock historian, I feel that the jazzing up of the song Do Ya By Ace Frehley was not a bad version of this song.Not taking away from ELO which is one of my fav's, Ace did an ecellent job on this song and should have been a Huge Hit for him

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