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Acceptance is a band out of Seattle, Washington. They are
made up of Jason Vena (Vocals), Christian McAlhaney (guitar
and vocals), Kaylan Cloyd (guitar), Ryan Zwiefelhofer
(bass), and Nick Radovanovic (drums). They were formed in
1998 by Jason, Kaylan, Chris DeCastro who played drums, and
Peter. Chris and peter soon left the group and Ryan, Nick,
and Christian joined on. They released “Lost for Words” in
2000, “Black Lines to Battlefields” in 2003 and “Phantoms”
in 2005. They play alternative style music similar to the
Foo Fighters. More...

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Review about Acceptance songs
yeah - about that | Reviewer: loveisneverthatbasic
    ------ About the song So Contagious performed by Acceptance

So all of you lambasting people for not saying how they feel - it's not always that simple. Maybe they're in a relationship, maybe you're in a relationship. Maybe...maybe you both are married, or about to be, or the timing is off. People find each other all the time and it turns out to be ill fated because they didn't meet sooner, or later... or what not. I get those who are saying go for it when there's far less on the line, but for some it's not a possibility. So they have to admire from afar and try and be happy with that. Seriously love sucks.

So Contagiously | Reviewer: Eadelin
    ------ About the song So Contagious performed by Acceptance

@lovin the lyrics btw

Hey u should just go for it. I'm normally not a shy girl, but when it comes to a boy i like i get super shy. I also can't talk straight around them. I finally told him i liked him with some encouragement from my friends. It never went anywhere although he said he liked me too. You may not have that problem though. So go for it girl, who knows what could happen. :)

BTW i love this song so much. I wish some guy would feel like this about me or i could feel like this about a boy who my friend and i both didnt like. Cause them he dates them and i'm alone.

lovin the lyrics btw | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song So Contagious performed by Acceptance

@Dont Know: yeah, go and tell her if you haven't yet. If you just wait for the sign there is gonna happen propably nothing. I'm in the same situation and i'm the shy girl in this story. I don't have the guts to give him the sign so nothing has happend and i rly wish from the bottom of my heart that this guy cold do the move, as you plane telling her you like her.

Dont Know | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song So Contagious performed by Acceptance

I Really Like this song because is pretty much describing how i feel.There is this girl that i like. i think she does 2 iono. But she is really shy so i dont know if i should just tell her that i like her or wait until she gives me a sign or something.

Good Song | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song So Contagious performed by Acceptance

This song is suitable for one some one you actually love has let you down. Any other person may have hurt you and you wouldn't care as much to let them go but only this person could break you down like this. You want to move on and forget it because this person is the only person you would take a shot on, if not again. This person is different than everyone else. They're everything you want, it hurts. Their transgression has you admitting why you can't do without them. You finally take a shot on someone and let them in and you get broken down. I'm rambling. Great song. It bums me out that the band broke up.

Our Point of View | Reviewer: Desiree
    ------ About the song So Contagious performed by Acceptance

I heard this song a few weeks ago and loved the flow of it. I looked up the lyrics and was amazed because it practically spoke both mine and my boyfriend's point of view when we first met. I was dating someone else at the time and only saw my boyfriend as a good friend.

The first verse was my pont of view. The second was his, and the third verse is both of ours. The first two lines are his and the last two are mine. I had him listen to the song and he wanted to cry. We've been dating almost a year. I love this song.

So Contagious. | Reviewer: Dakota.(:
    ------ About the song So Contagious performed by Acceptance

For the first time today i heard this song..i am in love with this song, i wish i had the whole bestfriend to boyfriend love but i dont. mine seems to be more complicated. thhere is this guy that i am in love with. i broke up with him 3 days ago. we have been going out on and off for 6 months. this time its the end. i wanna be sinngle but everytime i see him i get tempted.... he doesnt understand that we are DONE.. and i want him to but if he doesnt i wont. no matter how hard i try i cant get him off my mind.

Confused | Reviewer: Lynzee
    ------ About the song So Contagious performed by Acceptance

i have a boyfriend, and a guy that i reallllly like has this song as his away before i got my boyfriend i was talking with this guy and him and i fell for each other HARD but then i got with my guy now and he got with another chick but then they broke up and him and i talk A LOT i cant help but be jealous when he goes and hangs out with another chick or i see him in a picture with another chick .. i am confused at what i should do my boyfriend now is in the states he is a marine from Cali and this guy is in japan (he is also a marine) but i feel soooo strongly for this other guy that i dont even think about my boyfriend until he calls but i am thinking about J.T a lot ...HELP my aim is lynzeegurl09 add me and let me know what you think !!!

okay | Reviewer: You
    ------ About the song So Contagious performed by Acceptance

This song is perfect for someone to let someone know they like them. Its like a best friend wanting to be a boyfriend/girlfriend type deal. And its saying that they will wait until that said person is ready. I have expereinced this first hand, and its not easy for the person to wait on me. But one year later and that person is still waiting for me, and i finally like them. But before all this they used to writing me lyrics from this song and now i finally understand how deeply moving this song really is.

Fools | Reviewer: ahelpinghand
    ------ About the song So Contagious performed by Acceptance

All of you are fools I mean if you have someone you deeply care about, enough that can make you ache inside that means you still love them and if you do dont you think it's better taking a risk rather than not knowing at all I mean if you take the risk and say to that someone how you feel even if he/she doesnt return that feelings you will be able to know and you will be able to move on but if you dont everyday of your life would be thinking "what would happen if I did" Its better to know than live your life thinking what would happen if you did,,And besides a poet once said
"If you love someone, let it go. If it comes back to you, its yours forever. If it dosent, then it was never meant to be."

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