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ACCEPT - True Metal Hearts
A 25-Year History of Germany's Very Own Metal Gods

Life - so the saying goes - starts with a birthday doesn't
it? But in ACCEPT's case an exact birthday is hard to
pinpoint. There had been a band named ACCEPT in existence
since the early 1970's. Founded by Udo Dirkschneider, they
had been playing on an amateur level in and around their
hometown of Solingen, Germany. Although they had
professional ambitions, things moved along slowly. Members
came and went as they tried to find their identity and
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Review about Accept songs
Bad ass lyricks fior today (2013) | Reviewer: Rocker Rick
    ------ About the song Balls To The Wall performed by Accept

The lyrics ares till valid for today and the song still rocks .Balls to the wall was a name mentioned when world war 2 pilots had levers with balls on top of them and for maximum speed, they would push them up until the handle balls stopped at the wall , meaning fastest they will go .

Get you balls to the wall man !

Never got the Accolades they deserved wsp..Wolf | Reviewer: Kenny
    ------ About the song Midnight Highway performed by Accept

Hoffman is without a doubt one of the best guitarist to come out of 80's metal....Not only speed but his phrasing and feeling are beyond this vein, style of playing the only 2 other guitarists I feel I can rightfully put in his class are Malmsteen and the work Adrian Vandeburg did on his first LP entitiled (Vandenburg)"Burning Heart " I still cry when I listen to that solo.....

Piercing | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song No Time to Lose performed by Accept

No Time To Loose, I'm a Rebel, 1980

This song punctuates the feelings love can create (Take my hand and I'll take your Soul) and the pain of it not being reciprocated (Your Love has flown away, the days are cold and grey.)

I grew up jamming to Accept in the mid 80's. I didn't care that some of their stuff sounded a little like my other favorite of the time, Judas Priest. I figured good Metal was good Metal. Some of my favorites are Princess of the Dawn (Restless and Wild 1983), Dogs on Leads, Metal Heart (Metal Heart 1985), a bunch on Balls to the Wall 1984; the illusion that Winterdreams creates for me when I listen to it makes it my all time favorite song of theirs.

I am embarassed to admit that I bought this double CD (I'm a Rebel 1980 and Breaker 1981) that the song, No Time To Loose, was on probably 5 years ago. I must have just test listened to the two CDs then packed it away.

As with all music from our past, I found myself nostalgic for some Metal. You see, I was in a funk, needing some release, because of the things going on around me. You Metal heads know what I mean about a release. Naturally, when I scanned through my Metal section, I realized that I had not really listened to these two CDs and that it was time to see what I had missed in those earlier 80's.

I rediscovered Accept this year, July 2012, at a moment in my life when this particular song, No Time To Loose, is spot on to what is happening in it.

I can't believe I never heard any of the songs from these two albums over the radio during the mid-late 80's.

Without purchasing this double pack, I would have never been privy to the wonders of some of their earlier stuff, like the hysterical song Son of a Bitch, which makes me laugh when I hear it. Oh the things you think. but don't say and now I find myself singing it. Getting it out like that is good for the Soul. Thank you Accept.

Not to mention Midnight Highway, I Wanna Be No Hero and I'm a Rebel.

In the mid 80's Accept rocked me. Now in 2012, 32 years later, (um wow) the discovery of Accepts earlier albums has me reliving a part of me that I had thought was long forgotten. The country girl, horse backriding teen that loved her heavy metal. I'm happy to report that I'm still a country girl that still loves to ride her horses and definately still loves her heavy metal.

Rock on fans, rock on!

i absolutely love this song | Reviewer: chuck kinyoun
    ------ About the song Winter Dreams performed by Accept

I was a teen when i first heard this great song i instantly fell in love with it !!!!!!

beginning of a journey into metal | Reviewer: william pieters
    ------ About the song Breaker performed by Accept

I was about fuckin' 11 years old when I first heard this album,it got me into metal music and I never got out of it,although I'm 37 now.
Thanks to accept for metallizing my life!!!

Accept's best song? | Reviewer: Brick Bardo
    ------ About the song Losing More Then You've Ever Had performed by Accept

I am a huge Accept fan, have been ever since the early 80's. I was also big into Priest, Scorpions and many others but over time came to realize Accept is really my favourite. I love the big guitar sound and Udo really grew on me. The melody of their music is right up my alley. Having said that, this song rises above all the other Accept tunes for some reason, great lyrics and riffs, the band just sounds so tight and so right. Accept forever!

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