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Dizzy Wright Accept My Flaws Lyrics

Last updated: 02/20/2013 10:06:40 AM

[Verse 1]
She said...
"Can you accept that I am ready for my death?
Got a baby boy & I ain't got no help
His father up in jail & while he sittin in his cell
Praying for us, I'm just sitting my by myself
Niqqa left me alone, had to provide a home
Young woman taking care of my baby all on my own
Going to school... can you imagine being raped
By the only father figure that you ever fuckin knew?
So hell yeah, I'm bitter & I probably wont fuck with you
I'm fucked up & I got trust issues
My ex-boyfriend beat me, repeatedly, I'm free at last
I was immune to being treated bad
He took my soul, made me want to give up
& now I'm in this nasty ass strip club trying to get a dolla
So you can really judge when you holla
But the devil makes it harder... So I got one question"

Can you accept my flaws?

[Verse 2]
He said...
"I dropped out of school for the street life
Shit... I juss wanted to be a daddy
I started slangin this weed to get this money
Just so I could make my baby momma happy
Easy money... fuck it, its keeping me stable
Keeping the bills paid & keeping food on the table
See, I'm fucked up in the head... & you would be too
If you watched yo momma open her legs juss to get yall some bread
Baby girl, I am dead to the world... I don't wanna be here
I see clear & this shit I see is what we fear
I bleed tears... I'm different
I watched a women downgrade herself for a livin
So I'm picky when I'm pickin for the women that I'm feelin
Me & my brother were abandoned children
Sex was appealing... I had to be all or not
And by 13, I wanted sex... all the time
Sad right?? I just felt like I was caged with this info
So can you accept that I was raised as a nympho?
Trying to better myself from all this shit that I been through
So its not about sex but thats the shit that I'm into
Yeah, so can you accept my flaws?
Overlook my bads & try to knock down these walls
That I built when I was lonely, trying to shray away from all
Or would you just tell me that its too hard?"

Can you accept my flaws?