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Dragonforce Above The Winter Moonlight Lyrics

Last updated: 06/28/2013 11:19:47 PM

[Music: Vadim Pruzhanov, Lyrics: Vadim Pruzhanov, Sam Totman, Herman Li, ZP Theart]

On wings of burning fire across the oceans far
The legends of the seven seas and mystic fallen star
Their laden ships are sailing on towards the sun
To the island of the everlasting chosen one

Face our fear along the way our freedom will prevail
The crown and the shining light
Punishment and anger in the fire of your soul
Prepare the eternal fight

Lost in a dream in a boundless sea
Rivers of pain are guiding me
Defending this land from the sins of man
Never surrender our dreams again

Ride forever onwards stare into the sun
Where hopes and dreams are everlasting marching on and on
Rise another day across the distant skies
Where the dawn above the winter moonlight shines upon the fall of our lives

Insanity sublime shall make by bleeding heart
Feel cold and fearless anger rising far beyond the dark
In search of might and wisdom sacrifice our souls
In the name of truth and justice never to be told

Face our fear along the way our freedom will prevail
The crown and the shining light
Punishment and anger in the fire of your soul
Prepare the eternal fight
Can you not feel the eternal pain
Flows through your heart and every vein
The torture begins and it breaks you down
Nothing to save when the soul is gone

Ride forever onwards stare into the sun...

[Solos - Herman / Sam / Herman / Sam]

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Vocals Are Pretty Bad | Reviewer: AS | 6/28/13

About half of this album is awesome, but this song is not a part of that list. The melodies just kind of meander, which is unusual for DragonForce, honestly. Especially the chorus-- ZP goes way, way beyond his natural, comfortable vocal range and it sounds strained and awful. The last stretch of the song where he keeps pushing his voice, it goes well beyond falsetto into a realm of discomfort and wincing horror. He spends about half the song in the middle of his range, and for some reason at the end pushes it past good taste. You can just see his face turning red and absolutely know he sucks at singing this song live and probably lowers it an octave. It's sad, because I really love ZP's voice and the quality and character of it, but on DF's first two albums, Sam seems to push ZP well out of his range on a routine basis.

The last chorus of this song effectively ruins it, because it sounds like a person with zero vocal talent is phoning it in. He sounds like an amateur. It's embarrassing, honestly. There are several notes he just plainly does not even hit. Painful.

judden | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/12/12

for my opinion dragonforce is a best band and how they play just make everything change in rock n roll and people just love it.and i hate hip pop cose they neva change in muzic cose they a fucked up with there muzic so fuck them.dragonforce 4always evamore hero of our times

best ever | Reviewer: Insert name here | 1/24/12

i love dragonforce because it makes all other bands look like justin beiber (in my opinion) the only things i wonder about are how do they do this and why arent these songs in video games (just think about it, dynasty warriors, final fantacy, and other games that stand above all others)

Best song ever!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/18/11

This is absolutely the best song ever made! From the vocals to the drums and the electric guitar, EVERYTHING is better than in other DForce songs, with is VERY difficult for a band with such songs.


87/100 for the song Audible Bliss | Reviewer: Kevin Drewett | 11/8/10

This song scores so low because of the outrageous standards other Dragonforce songs have set for me to judge this by. The key boards is heavenly in every way. Every note is perfectly placed. But the overall Sound is a bit off track for the band. the lyrics are superfluous and beautiful. However the solos laid a bit to be desired on this song. Overall a magnificent work from a Perfectly needed band that KNOWS what is good and sells from What is Fucking Immaculate and will stand the test of time. I honestly see the songs of this band making it into the hearts of people 20 to 30 years down the road or even making it onto the "Greatest Songs of All Time" lists. But it will not be this song. This one will be remembered for some time.

DragonForce is just epicly awsome | Reviewer: noname | 5/30/10

whoever thinks dragonforce sucks, i say: "Screw you azzh0les! you have no idea what you're talkin' about!"
Dragonforce is making more than just music, the words and the music are filled with insparation and depth, some people compared it to pop music(lady gaga, hannah montana) THESE PEOPLE ARE COMPLETE IDIOTS! DragonForce is not a regular band, they inspire people with their music...
E.G. I started learning music bbecause i heard Above the Winter Moonlight, that song is my fav because it has another meaning besides just sounding epic...

Inspires Feeling | Reviewer: Jeffrey TUll | 9/14/09

This song, along with "Lost Souls in Endles Time" and "Fury of the Storm" make my morning jog! These songs inspire such feelings of hope and determination that if you don't feel a surge in your soul from the lyrics, guitars, and drums, then check for a pulse! I'm not a big fan of keyboard, but Drangforce and Dream Theater get away with it. Love these guys!

zomg! | Reviewer: Nick | 5/8/09

the amazing combo of keyboard and lyrics and guitar and drums make this song, one of their less popular songs, amazing and definately at a higher level then some of their other popular songs, such as TTFAF and even Heroes of our time. However, it does not reach the same level as reasons to live or revolution deathsquad or storming the burning fields, but still epicly epic on a epicly epic scale of epicness.

absoluteley amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/21/09

Dragonforce makes life worth living and cannot be accuratly be described by words.the people who say drgon force sucks or isnt metal obviously dont know what metal is or just cannot comprehend the life changing experience that is dragon force

13/12/2008 | Reviewer: Milo Sanchez/Siobahn Carée | 12/13/08

DragonForce is the most premium quality awesomest band ever in the history of the Earth, man! Especially this song. It's so powerful and the guitar is just so fucking mean!!!! Screw other bands and shit who try to be all meaningful and touch your soul and try to be uplifting, NOTHING compares to the power of DragonForce goddamnit! This song is one of my favourites because it makes you feel like life is worth living. All DragonForce songs have this feeling carried in thier music. I do not understand how people can hate their music. I have had people call it meaningless. What, are these people deaf and retard or something?! DragonForce's music is so good it could not possibly get any better, not even weed enhances their music, because this is the best it could possibly get ever!!!!!!!!!!!!


God Like | Reviewer: Rutonfex | 7/31/08

From the moment that opening epic chord plays til the very end, there is nothing that this song doesn't offer that isn't pure, loud and sweeping. We need more bands like DForce. The only other band that can produce such an epic sweeping sound is Queen.

Can someone help me? | Reviewer: Bob | 1/23/08

I'd like to download this song, because together with Prepare for War those are the only songs I don't have. But a lot songs seem to have another name (example: cry of the brave).

Is this song (and Prepare for War too) known under a different name? Please, be so kind to post it here. Or if you do know a programm with which I would be able to download it, please share it with me.


Yes Sir Ree | Reviewer: Jesse | 11/18/07

My brother in law turned me into these guys, He found them at Target of all places. it's amazing. I read a review of Guitar Hero 3 and the guy bashed them. Probably listens to Rap or something. For me it's Pac man Champion edition.

magnifico! | Reviewer: Zazman | 11/14/07

Absolutely amazing legendary guitar solos's drums's fast paced stuff...honestly..listen to this song in the morning prepares me for the day!...DRAGONFORCE ROCK, and have cemented their place in HISTORY!

Incredible song | Reviewer: Zack, Rhode Island USA | 10/5/07

This song is absolutely amazing, a true boon to modern music. The mix of piano and incredible electric guitars is mind-blowing. One of Dragonforce's less popular, yet still awesome, songs.