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Magazine About The Weather Lyrics

Last updated: 05/09/2001 06:20:07 AM

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The weather's variable - so are you
changes, changes
but I can't do a thing about the weather
do you have your ticket!
can you foresee
changes, changes

Another time when we might be together!
You have a broken window
through which the rain pours in my ear
this week's been all ears and edges
it's getting like a career

A chain of events
a change of heart
a chain of events
a change of heart
I will study your change of heart in depth

The weather's variable ...

Now you're leaning on a fountain
with the sunshine on your shoes
you dislike the climate but you like the place
I hope you learn to live with what you choose

A chain of events ...

I'm so changeable - it's so frightening

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