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I need an easy friend
I do, With an ear to lend
I do, Think you fit this shoe
I do, But DO you have a clue?

I'll take advantage while
You hang me out to dry
But I can't see you every night. Free
...I do

I'm standing in your line
I do, Hope you have the time
I do, Pick up number two
I do, Keep a date with you

I take advantage while
You hang me out to dry
But I can't see you every night. Free

I need an easy friend
I do, With an ear to lend
I do, Think you fit this shoe
I do, But DO you have a clue?

I'll take advantage while
You hang me out to dry
But I can't see you every night,
no I can't see you every night...

I do...

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"About a Girl" background | Reviewer: Missie M | 4/13/13

The girl in question was Tracy Marander, Cobain's then-girlfriend, with whom he lived at the time. Apparently, Marander had asked Cobain why he had never written a song for her, and Cobain responded with "About a Girl". Marander supported the couple by working at the cafeteria of the Seattle–Tacoma International Airport, often stealing food. Cobain spent most of his time sleeping into the late evening, watching television and concentrating on art projects. The song addresses the couple's fractured relationship, caused by Cobain's refusal to get a job, or to share cleaning duties at their apartment (which housed many of his pets and art projects). During arguments on the subject, Cobain would occasionally threaten to move into his car, at which point Marander would usually relent.

Cobain never told Marander that he had written "About a Girl" for her. In the 1998 Nick Broomfield documentary of Kurt and Courtney, Marander revealed that she only found out after about the song being about her long after Kurt's death, when reading "Come as You Are: The Story of Nirvana".

What I believe the song is saying. | Reviewer: Barney Wolfram | 3/31/13

If one listens to the song at the SAME time as listening to the lyrics: it seems to me he is talking about A girlfriend being too 'clingy'. She seems easy going and supportive (something he appreciates) but she expects him to be with her every night something he feels cannot do because he has to feel 'free'. This is an eternal theme between men and women and (unsurprisingly) crops up all the time in 'Art' - music/literature. Cv. 'Madness': My Girl's Mad at me or even Lynrd Skyrnrd's 'Freebrid'. The tune is good and the lyrics
are well put. The ins and outs of the poor man's death and his relationship with his wife or bassically neither here nor there in this context.

RESPONSE TO NIRVANAFAN | Reviewer: nirvanaREALfan | 1/13/13

"There's no way that Courtney killed him, she's way too obsessed and madly in love with him, to do something like that." THIS PROVES NOTHING IT ACTUALLY REFUTES THE POINT YOUR TRYING TO MAKEWHEN YOU SAY SHE WAS "TOO OBSESSED" NIRVANAFAN YOU LONG-WINDED FUCK

about a girl | Reviewer: Greg | 10/21/12

One of his girfriends (probably Courtney, but it's not clear) was constantly whining .. "Kurt, how come you've never written a song about ME ... Guys who REALLY love their girlfriends write songs about them. You need to write a song about ME Kurt!"

So he wrote About A Girl and told her: OK, There's your song, Now shut-up.

REWRITE | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/12/12

i need an easy friend, i do have an ear to lead, i do think u fit the shoe, i do think you have a clue,
i'll take advantage while]
u take me out to dry,

but i can'r see u every nite]
no i can't see u every night
for free ,
i do,

The song is about his ex girlfriend | Reviewer: Freebird | 9/30/12

To the idiot who thinks this song is about a prostitute; IT IS ABOUT HIS EX-GIRLFRIEND Tracy Marander. Kurt HATED sexism and was faithful and in general not a womanizer. He would NEVER have been taking advantage of a prostitute.

my take | Reviewer: susan | 9/8/12

this is one of my favourite songs by nirvana, and after listening to it for a couple of times i got this feeling that he is talking about a prostitute; reasong: the song is called about a girl, he says "i can't see you every night free" so you got the idea! also the "i do" for every question in the song is like what a prostitue's job is which is to give them an ear and so on... again i'm only guessing here the meaning so maybe i'm very very wrong, oh and also when he says "i'll take advantage while you hang me out to dry" also suggests the same idea..
oh well, no matter what the song is about it's really a beautiful song especially on the mtv unplugged album.

For Chris, his comment about the fake of Kurt's dead | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/31/12

Hey man, I really hope you'll read this.
Go and think about what you said about Kurt's dead.
And realize what an insane mind you have to say what you did.
Why the hell do you post something like this beneeth the lyrics of a Nirvana song.
Shame on you.

what is wrong with you? | Reviewer: T.M.G | 3/16/12

Why must you lament on his death and past struggles? Just let the music stay as it is and as it always should be, inspirational. Don't let it be altered by propaganda and conspiracy created by wanton rumors romanticized by fans wishing it just isn't the end.

~ from the middle ground

Kurt faked his death. | Reviewer: Chris | 1/7/12

If you take the time to understand Kurt a bit, you'd know that his story is really very common. He just waved guns around for play to upset the conservative groups. I mean really, how many people growing up have been drowned by strict parenting and just upset the balance to make a statement? Don't put him on some pedestal above it. he faked his death to go live a normal life somewhere, or because it was easier than divorce, i don't know. Maybe both.

"About as Girl" | Reviewer: kina | 12/30/11

I REALLY can't believe the amount of anger coming out of a lot of you guys! That poor talented but disturbed man/boy ( artist often are, especially if you add drugs and sudden fame to the mix) Not to mention the stress of marriage and having a new beautiful baby that you knew you couln't care of the way she deserved, he was an absolutely a suicide SO ready to happen! Have NONE of you EVER felt that bad? LUCKY YOU!!! SAD is what it is. I admit I didn't read all of your letters but the first two after the initial one got me so upset I just lost it! WHAT RIGHT DO YOU HAVE TO GET MAD AT A DEAD MAN WHO SUFFERED SO?! I hope he is in peace in god's arms now, and guys, have a little empathy! I guess you're all just scared yourselves. Kina

Input | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/21/11

Among other co-occurring mental illnesses, Kurt suffered from severe depression from a very young age. This is directly stated many times In Kurt’s own memoirs. It is possible this was the main contributing factor to his suicide. Thousands of people who have none of the stresses of an up and coming band suffer from depression and attempt (and succeed) in taking their own life. How much these people love their families rarely has anything to do with their attempts at suicide.

Society thrives on conspiracy theory.

As for Kurt’s lyrics, it is impossible to write lyrics that do not mean anything. That is like saying “Nothing” when someone asks “What are you thinking?”

I wonder if Kurt asked for help. Maybe he would still be with us today.

You know NOTHING! | Reviewer: Nirvanafan | 12/14/11

Wow, you guys are all fucking stupid. Kurt Cobain shot himself in the head. Do not relate your information, or lend your ears to Wikipedia, people misconstrue information all the time. There's no way that Courtney killed him, she's way too obsessed and madly in love with him, to do something like that. The fame got to Kurt. He felt obligated and pressure all the time, just constantly being in the spotlight. It was a lot for him to take in, and he just wasn't ready for it all. It's not like he took on the grunge scene, and expected to be wildly successful and turn into a rockstar. It doesn't matter if Kurt said from time to time, "Oh, my lyrics don't mean anything," of course they did! But do you really think that he'd admit to the media, the ones who incessantly nosed into his life, that he was suicidal? I'm sorry. People don't just write about heavy lyrics like that, unless they're trying to send out a universial message. It's obvious that Kurt couldn't be helped and that he was too far gone to even see the help for himself. It was inevitable the band wouldn't last, Kurt always talked about. He didn't like performing "Smells like teen spirit," because everyone kept demanding it each time he had a gig set up. He wasn't just some washed up drug addict, like everyone thought he was. There's a lot more to him than his crazy psycho ex Courtney and their beautiful child. He geniuninely loved Courtney and Francis Bean very much, but when someone's miserable like that all their lives, who's to say that their immediate happiness is not going towards the pearly white gates in the sky? He wasn't happy, end of story. He was an extremely private person, awkward and shy, he had a lot of anxiety, loads of depression, it's not easy to reach out, so before you judge and say "Oh, he's such an asshole," when you don't know the half of it.

misconceptions | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/12/11

1. Kurt did NOT kill himself. Thanks to the endless work done to uncover the truth by Tom Grant at the site cobaincase.com you can easily find this to be true. He couldn't have KILLED HIMSELF even if he wanted to.
2. Kurt often said his lyrics didn't mean anything and the split is people believing they did and others believing they didn't. The truth is that everything that anyone ever writes MEANS SOMETHING or has A REASON for being. Kur(d)t appeared to be the anti-rockstar and often appeared to be less than impressed with his success. This simply is not true and he was not a genuine anti-rockstar. He often made comments or explained things only to later comment it was complete rubbish he made up. This is the case with his comments about his songs meaning nothing. He didnt have the patience or didnt have the trust in himself to be able to do justice to the meanings and so he claimed they were meaningless to avoid the question. THEY ALL MEANT SOMETHING TO HIM even when he wrote the lyrics last minute (possibly especially so)

Stop shitting about kurt.. | Reviewer: Mark | 10/31/11

He was an asshole who could not handle his wife or girlfriends on top of that he was unable to overcome his emotional character which led him to intake drugs... So if he got shot its his mistake he must be trippin and if he is not then he was overdosed... God bless kurt.. RIP.

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