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ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE in the summer of '95, the world witnessed the birth of a new horror: the Belgian hacksquad ABORTED has emerged from the depths of this corrupted & filth bulging cuntry... The band was founded by Gurgloroth Sven. IT TOOK TILL THE SUMMER of '97 to find some serious & motivated butchers in Niek (bulging sick string mayhem) & Steven (percussive holocaust). In this line-up some gigs were done with several foreign acts such as: Deranged, Vomitory,... AFTER THIS the band saw the cumming of Koen (bassturbations); which led to the recording of the first offering called: "The Necrotorous Chronicles" which sold out (+300 copies) in 4 months; this lead to a deal with Burt of Uxicon records for the first full length...

A SHORT TIME PASSED & Christophe was recruted as second string raper & new tunes were excoriated.SOME MORE CONCERTS were done with: Deranged, Defaced Creation, Dying Fetus, Enthroned, Ectopia, Goddes of Desire, Impedigon, Houwitser, Length of Time, Liar,.. A NEW CHAPTER STARTED with the replacement of drummer Steven by the inhuman death scourge Frank, due to a huge lack of motivation...

THE CHAINSAW MANIACS entered the CCR studio's in February '99 for the recordings of the first slab of gore: " The Purity of perversion" & was unleashed upon mankind in may 99. So far reactions were really great & sales are optimal.RIGHT BEFORE ENTERING the new millenium, the hacksquad entered the infamous CCR studios once more to record 3 new excuisitly brutal & sick gorehymns for a split CD with Christ Denied...

THIS NEW OFFAL is regurgitated under the flag of SOULREAPER records, out in March 2000 for global termination... This split release got the band a deal for 3 more albums with the french based LISTENABLE RECORDS. The first step in this co-operation has been released in late June 2001 as the bands second full length saw light under the title of 'ENGINEERING THE DEAD'. FOR THIS SECOND ALBUM the boys again went into the CCR studio to record, but with a better budget & this can be heard on the Engineering disc. 2002 promises to be a very busy year for the band as new songs are in the works for a split CD on Bones Brigade with Brodequin/Drowning & more, the boys are also out in September on a big european tour with VADER/CRYPTOPSY/DYING FETUS/KATAKLYSM/CATASTROPHIC to spread the infamous sounds that are ABORTED.

One year after the release of ENGINEERING, the limb tosseres proceeded with recording some tunes for the 4way split on bones brigade, and shortly before the recordings on the 3rd fullength 'GOREMAGEDDON' guitarist Niek & Bassist were releaved from their duties due to the huge amount of personal problems. Bart & Fre were recrueted as new members and with the new blood the composing began for this 3rd opus of splatter galore.

GOREMAGEDDON marks its release in march 2k3 and displays aborted in its more mature and grim form, in support of this album, lots of gigging has been scheduled and abroad gigs have been arranged as well as tours. This album is the first to see a license to the US and not just any label, but CENTURY MEDIA sublabel OLYMPIC recordings will issue this slab of gore in august 2K3, be warned GOREMAGEDDON IS COMING FOR YOU!!

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ABORTED!! | Reviewer: brenda rodriguez | 12/27/2007

wow thats all you can really say i mean u listen to their music u read theiur lyrics it just takes you somewhere else i mean u lik grindcore ? u cant say NO to this bnd period any one says NO email me i wanna know why you wouldnt listen to this band

Aborted Review | Reviewer: Brenda Rodriguez | 12/27/2007

WOW i mean u listen to aborted you read their lyrics and thats all i can say WOW verry good grind core band it is worth it to get into this band i mean u like grind ? u cant say no! you just cant trust me

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