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Paul Speckman was one of the figures that shaped Death
Metal as we know it now. For some reason, he dropped from
the radar screen in the early 1990s, and little has been
heard of him since. However, he left a solid, if not always
impressive, body of work. While Master is his
best-remembered legacy, Abomination seems to have been
consigned to the bargain bin of history. It shouldn't have

You see, Abomination pisses all over Master from a great
height. Master was messy but influential proto-Death Metal,
never quite finding one More...

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From the best rapper you've had the privlege to hear 4m | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Murder, Rape, Pillage And Burn performed by Abomination

This rhyme scheme is too basic, this structure is too predictable, the subject matter isn't delivered well in terms of a poem/story flowing from "stanza" to stanza. You need to want to appeal to a broader audience than just racists and prejudice/hateful people as well because in that regard, music and poetry can affect the lives of many all stemming from the way they're portrayed.

Not really feelin this

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