Ablaze My Sorrow Albums

  • Hate, Anger & Fury Album (7/1/2002)
    Erased / Relived
    Where The Strong Live Forever
    Machine Supreme
    Retention Of Illusion
    Thou Shalt Forever Suffer
    Shrouded Are The Pleasures Of Flesh
    Slit Wide Open
    Ad Libitium

  • The Plague Album (3/6/1998)
    The Truth Is Sold
    Into The Land Of Dreams
    Mournful Serenade
    The Return Of The Mighty Raven
    I Will Be Your God
    Plague Of Mine
    As The Dove Falls Torn Apart

  • If Emotions Still Burn Album (3/6/1996)
    If Emotions Still Burn
    The Rain That Falls
    Rise Above The Storming Sea
    Denial (The Way Of The Strong)
    The Battle
    My Last Journey
    As I Face The Eternity
    My Revenge To Come

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