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Abiura Biography

Last updated: 03/06/2003 01:18:40 AM

Abiura's headtrip started in 1999, when Nicolas (guitar) and Max (bass) joined their forces with the intention to create something fast and brutal. Many musicians entered and left the band until the line up was stabilized with the the entrance of Raphael (drums), Nicola (guitar) and Seby (voice). So far they have produced one demo-cd ("Nursery Rhymes for The Unborn", 2001), they have took part in a couple of compilations, they have played several live gigs and they have rehearsed in their cellar a shitload of times. 2002 AD: new partners in crime (Roby, the new bass player), new songs recorded (those featured in "Des Esseintes Kindergarten", their new 7" split EP) and tons of new ones to record. Their style is something between the Death Metal assault and the Black metal grimness: "Obscure Extreme Music", if they have to give a definition. Anyway stay tuned, neural annihilation is a work in progress...