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Aaron Tippin Biography

Last updated: 11/06/2012 11:32:53 AM

Aaron Tippin began singing as a child while bailing hay, running combines and plowing the back forty. In order to hear himself over the diesel engine of the tractor, he had to develop some pretty strong vocal cords. That is where it all began for him.

He went to high school in Greer, South Carolina. He played football and ran track. It was during that time that he began hanging out at the airport with his Dad. Learning how to fly and work on airplanes, his career was pretty much set in stone that he would become a professional pilot like his Dad.

He became a Multi-Engine Instrument Commercial Pilot and flew as a freelance and corporate pilot in route to becoming a major airline pilot. While building flight time and studying for his Airline Transport Rating, the fuel shortage hit and the major carriers started furloughing pilots. That is about the time that he began pursuing the music business.

Aaron moved to Nashville in 1986, started songwriting pretty heavy and began his quest for a record deal. In 1990, he signed with RCA Records and went on to release on platinum and four gold albums. In 1998, he signed with Disney's Lyric Street Records. His first album on Lyric Street, titled "What This Country Needs" was released in October.

You will find a great article about Aaron, his wife Thea and son Teddy in Country Weekly. There is a condensed version on the Country Weekly Web Site. You can see a Christmas 1998 photo of the family and read about the 1998 Christmas season at the Tippin household...including some Christmas traditions in the making.

The February 1999 issue of Music City News magazine had an in-depth article about Aaron and his family...including several pictures. You can subscribe to the magazine by calling 1-877-MCN-1500. Come back here often. We will provide a link to the online version of the article as soon as the February 1999 issue is added to the Music City News Web Site.