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Namesake of his Grampa Charles Douglas Spaulding (who goes
by the name Doug and Ganpa "Chuck" Carter). Aaron was born
at Tampa General Childerens Hospital in Tampa Florida on
December 7th 1987.

Aaron was lucky enough to have company (in addition to his
mom) at that precious time, as his twin Angel was born only
minutes before he joined the world. Aaron and Angel were
welcomed by their three siblings, Bobbie Jean (B.J.),
Leslie and of course Nick. Both B.J. and Nick were born at
WCA Hospital in Jamestown, NY, where the family lived More...

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Review about Aaron Carter songs
AMAZING | Reviewer: Kelsey
    ------ About the song America A O performed by Aaron Carter

I used this for a dance routine and it worked great it was a bit long so i had it fade and it was still great definitely recommend this to choreographers!

I'm all about u | Reviewer: Aroja thokchom
    ------ About the song I'm All About You performed by Aaron Carter

I meet him by facebook he is Delhi n i m 4m Manipur,I never met him as person we talk just by fon,Just the sound of your voice makes my heart melt'that words exactly right 4 me I still love him so much I m all about U dear.

correction to lyrics | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Go Jimmy, Jimmy performed by Aaron Carter

In the first verse, it should say Mach 10, not Mac 10. In physics, "mach" refers to multiples of the speed of sound--for example, if I am traveling in a rocket ship at Mach 3, that means my rocket ship is going 3 times as fast as the speed of sound.

acaTzuki_chUbZ | Reviewer: ma. catherine verzano
    ------ About the song I'm All About You performed by Aaron Carter

i really cried bcze of this song specially the line "jzt the sound of your voice makes my heart melt", yeah actually i'd heArd it wen my step sister gave me her love parade cd i was thinking if this is a music video of love songs or jzt a love song cd..so wen i finally received it i played it immediately den i was so shocked cze 8'z lyk aaron carter was singing this song to me and then AC was my ultimate crush since i was elementary ,he's so cute ,i also watched his video on MTV b4..da location of dat music video is in the swimming pool den he had a kissing scene their ,i recall..i could also relate my latest rlationshp on this song,"i know ur worry smetime, some other girl will make me 4get ur mine", wat a meaningful line ,az my x-boyfriend said this exact lines to me..;-(

U R A TRUE ROCKSTARRR Aaron!!! | Reviewer: Anushka
    ------ About the song Saturday Night performed by Aaron Carter

Hey Aaron, my name is Anushka and i m from India. I heard yr single 'Saturday Night' n its an amazing party song. The muzic is great, yr voice is excellent as always and the lyrics and muzic of this track is fresh, amusing and really awsum! LUV YA MAN! Hope all yr albums wil b as joyful and lively as this 1.U ROCCCKKKKK!

I want candy | Reviewer: Kelci
    ------ About the song I Want Candy performed by Aaron Carter

I watched Hop in movie theaters and its like the best easter movie i ever watched and aron carters rockin song i want cady was at the end and in the movie and after i heard it i cuold not stop singin it his songs rock

long distance is killing me | Reviewer: dewi kurniawati
    ------ About the song I'm All About You performed by Aaron Carter

i know this song is long time ago when i still school, i just found this song again several days ago, when i heard the song, remind me with my bf, he is from austalia and there is in london now, we have 2 months relationship, he ever said that he doubt that he is my bf, o my God, i'm shock when i hear that, why he can speak like that, i love him so much, i want give this song to him, because every word in this song is an expression my feelings to him, i want he know what i feel., i love u my mathew hayden.,!!

Luv u mr. C | Reviewer: indonesian girl
    ------ About the song I'm All About You performed by Aaron Carter

First of all im Aaron's fan since 2002 year
I love this song AC thanks for singing it :)
This song is really2 identic with my love story
Im from indonesia..I had a bf 1 month ago..we were in relationship about more than 4 month less than 5 month and i already broke up now.. i regret i never give this song to him
I met him by facebook..he is american and he is from florida like Aaron (: but for me he is the best guy so i dont want compare him with any guy
I never met him as person, we talked just by email and cell ph0ne
'just the sound of your voice makes my heart melt' that words exactly right for me..talkin to him on my cell is the best thing that we did..we love each other so much til we had a big fought then he ended our relationship..i still love him..so much..im all about and only u dear, u dont have to question my love bcus theres only u in my heart and my mind even u already left me i still thinking bout u..
'when i close my eyes i can see u its like u right here and this feelings only getting stronger, u with me everywhere'
I do love u, dont u know that??
We even do webcam yet..i wanna see u once more why u didnt give me 1 more chance? We can fix everything if u want..
I love u Mr. C
U are always inside here..

New ~ | Reviewer: nnn
    ------ About the song I Want Candy performed by Aaron Carter

I'am from China.I'm a chinese girl.I'm 13 years old. I love Aaron very much,his song is so beautiful!!!!! This is the english song that my first can sing!I send him a old sentence in chinese:芝麻开花节节高
(I can speak a little english,I want find some friends,if you want to and my friends ,my QQ is 296861916 )

    ------ About the song I Want Candy performed by Aaron Carter

LOVE AMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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