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Namesake of his Grampa Charles Douglas Spaulding (who goes by the name Doug and Ganpa "Chuck" Carter). Aaron was born at Tampa General Childerens Hospital in Tampa Florida on December 7th 1987.

Aaron was lucky enough to have company (in addition to his mom) at that precious time, as his twin Angel was born only minutes before he joined the world. Aaron and Angel were welcomed by their three siblings, Bobbie Jean (B.J.), Leslie and of course Nick. Both B.J. and Nick were born at WCA Hospital in Jamestown, NY, where the family lived before moving to Florida. Leslie was born in Florida at the Garden Villa Retirement home, where the Carter family lived and worked at the time.

With two sisters already, who wouldn't be happy to have a new little brother? Nick frequently expressed delight at the addition of the newest members of the family. Especially his first and only Brother.

"A Performer Extrodinaire" according to Top of the Pops magazine, Nick was the first to actually ask Aaron if perhaps he too wanted to sing. "If Nick wasn't a singer, then I wouldn't be here, he supports me and is the one who asked me if I wanted to sing. I was interested in performing before but I think it would have been a lot harder." said Aaron. It may not have been as difficult as Aaron suggests, however.

Aaron's musical career actually began when he was seven, when he landed the position of lead singer in a band called "Dead End". Since then, he set the world record for the most hit songs recorded by a person his age in music history! Aaron and "Dead End" parted friends afer about two years, with Aaron declaring "... they wanted to do alternative music and I wanted to do more pop" From that point forward, he was a solo act and began to spend much of his time in vocal training. It wasn't long before Aaron was putting his voice lessons to work.

In March 1997, Aaron performed during a BackStreet Boys concert in Berlin, Germany and he stole the show! After the concert, he was offered a record contract on the spot by an Edel Record Company executive who saw him perform. In the fall of 1997 Aaron released his first single, "Crush On You". He followed that with "Crazy Little Party Girl, I'm Gonna Miss You Forever and Shake It" all of which became extreemly popular throughout Europe and the rest of the world. After going Gold in Norway, Spain, Denmark, Canada and Germany Aaron's first full Album "Aaron Carter" hit the stores in the USA on June 16th 1998 and it was a big success.

Aaron released another single "Surfin' USA" a remake of the Beach Boy's famous song. Aaron also went on to work with such musical talents as The Moffatts, The BackStreet Boys, 'N Sync, Gil Ofarim and others to make a colaborative single called "Let the music heal your soul" They called themselves the Bravo All Stars and donated the time they spen in the studio on the single and its proceeds to benigit the Nordoff-Robins Music Therapy Foundation, an organization that treats disabled and autistic children through use of a specially designed kind of music therapy.

Aaron also released a single on the 1999 "Pokemon" soundtrack. He performed his single "(Have Some) Fun With The Funk" on Nickelodeon during the 1999 BIG Help Celebration, thousands of fans in the audience and millions of television viewers got to see a great Airboy performance.

Millennium year 2000 was Aaron's breakthrough year. He released his smash hit album "Aaron's Party(Come Get It)" and a tremendously successful single and videos of the same name. That year he opened for Britney Spears on the US leg of her 2000 World tour. Aaron was also the subject of a Biography written by his Mom Jane Carter. Aaron at this time moved back to Florida (to the Florida Keys) and made numerous hugely popular and successful apperances on Disney, Nickeloedeon, Macy's Thanksgiving Parade and Rosie O'Donnell.

2001, continued Aaron's smash hit roll with Aaron garned with the Favourite Rising Star award at the Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards. He also received rave reviews for his performances as "JoJo the Who" in the Broadway hit musical "Seussical the musical". His Multi Platinum album "Oh Aaron" peaked at number 4 on the Billboard charts, while Aaron was also ranked at number 52 on the Rolling Stone's Hot 100 Artists.

Aaron "The little prince of pop" says "In spite of all this work, I've still managed to plan some great fun for the off days; Scuba diving in the waters behind my home in the florida keys and spending time with my pets" Those pets include more than 9 dogs, 4 cats, 2 turtles and 2 birds.

Moving into 2002, Aaron was already back in the recording studio recording his third solo Album for Jive records. This new album "Another Earthquake" proved that Aaron was really getting to grips with his career providing some of Aaron's most impressive songs and recordings to date. For Aaron 2002 was definately tour time! Aaron held a winter tour early part of 2002 which was a great success, into summer where Aaron launched into a 30 city "Rock Rap and Retro" Summer tour.

2003 is already proving a packed year for Aaron, back into the recording studio setting up to produce a fourth album with Jive Records to be released later this year. Earlier this year Aaron was named a celebrity Grand Marshal for the Krewe of Edymion Mardi Gras parade in New Orleans.

Aaron also has just recently announced he is going on tour again with "Aaron's JukeBox" tour which is starting around July 27th. Aaron is also set to work alongside one of Hollywoods famous actors in a movie that Aaron will be working on throughout the year.

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aaron+c/shiekha | Reviewer: shiekha | 4/27/13

hai aaron carter im your # 1 fans ever first time i heared your voice i can really imagine how cute you are ..but when i saw you in the google oh my gosh ..i really2 n love w/ your face i love you <3aaron carter..
_its me shiekha

Aaron Carter | Reviewer: victory | 12/4/11

Hi Aaron Carter I am super big fun of you Aaron Carter I love are your songs Aaron Carter you are so cute and so hot and so sexy to me Aaron Carter My name is Victory Amanda Dingle I go by Vicky Amanda Dingle ok. You can pick one ok. Aaron Carter If you like Victory Amanda Dingle you can call me that ok. Or Vicky Amanda Dingle you can call me that ok. My birthday August 3,1992 I am 19 year old kid Aaron Carter ok. bye If you what email me My gmail is vickydingle92@gmail.com ok.

Aaron Carter | Reviewer: victory | 12/4/11

Hi Aaron Carter I am super big fun of you Aaron Carter I love are your songs Aaron Carter you are so cute and so hot and so sexy to me Aaron Carter My name is Victory Amanda Dingle I go by Vicky Amanda Dingle ok. You can pick one ok. Aaron Carter If you like Victory Amanda Dingle you can call me that ok. Or Vicky Amanda Dingle you can call me that ok. My birthday August 3,1992 I am 19 year old kid Aaron Carter ok. bye

"I loveee Aaron Carter"by:Jennie | Reviewer: Jennie Flores | 6/21/11

OMG! Aaron i growing up watching ur brother Nick in the backstreetboys and when i saw you i heard a lilttle boy singing soo beautiful. i loveeee you Aaron Charles Carter<33333 you are sooo blessed i still listent to ur musiccc and even jam to it. if i would have one wish i would wish for that i meet u somedayyy.i will never would stop lovinggg u ur speacial and unique && my role modelllll

wow | Reviewer: Josie | 3/25/11

your still gettin reveiws.wow. I use to listin too you all the time when i was very small up until jessie mcarnthy came along he was like a re-make of you. I think fame made you a very sad person. If you ever see this take it too heart you most likly won't but there is still that possibilty.

aaronnn | Reviewer: cassandra | 11/22/10

btw i still have all your posters to. i keep them as a child hood memory. i adored you growin up. your music is all that i would listen to. I still listen to your music too!!!! some people might not like you anymore, but some people still actually adore you!!! and i am one of them!!!! keep up the good work with your music aaron. cant wait to hear more songs!!!!
love always

aaronn | Reviewer: cassandra | 11/22/10

i absoultly loved aaron carter growing up!!!! i have been listening to you since i was 3! i used to dance around my room and turn your songs up full blast on my radio!!!! i has like 200 posters of you in my room when i was little. idc what people think you still are a great singer...
love always your number 1 fan,

lon | Reviewer: alona | 8/24/10

Aaron Carter,I am very far from you.thanks to the technology and i can say what the things i wanted to tell.when the first time I saw you, you give me clue,and i started to idolize to you.I like your music too.It's so very calm and so very nice to hear in the ear.and I hope very soon i saw you and meet personally.

Woa | Reviewer: Sara | 7/21/10

I remember when I was smaller and I was absolutely obsessed with Aaron Carter. I still think he is amazing its just that no one ver hears of him anymore. I can't believe what Tamika said, I really thought that he was going to be atleast ONE good singer. I too am 13 and I still like Aaron Carter just not obsessed anymore.

honestly | Reviewer: Stephanie | 2/22/10

Seriously I remember growing up like in love with aaron carter. I had over 100 posters of him on my wall had every cd he made i had everything to do with aaron all around me. Now i think he has gotten so ugly at first he was looking like nick now he looks nothing like nick. He was just a huge druggie that doesnt look so good anymore maybe if he cleaned up and got back on track he would be fine but until thin yall need help when you say that he is so hot etc.

我爱AC!私のAC愛! | Reviewer: >新~ | 11/29/09

Oh Aaron !U are well-kown in China and Japan.I have a friend who name is Yingfeng.,she likes AC too!!!We usually listen your song together.Oh oh oh oh Aaron! I like all the songs of you!U are all about me !
But ...I haven't seen you on TV in China for a long time.But I know you take part in Dancing with the Stars!I'm very happy to see you again.
This is my little sky :

Me encanta AC Jag älskar AC J'aime ca
Λατρεύω AC אני אוהבת את AC ฉันรัก AC
Ich liebe AC Я люблю AC 私のAC愛 난 AC 사랑

mirna chais | Reviewer: mirna | 11/3/09

oh.... hi aron i am very happy and i like you so mutch i would meet you but this is very dificalt but i love you so much you are ver nice and gentel i lie your sound do you remember me so mutch i would you talk at me on my e mail plz frenshiska_lovelygirl@hotmail.com plz aron and my name is mirna .. i would now what color you like?... see you in my e mail plz

Aaron Carter a terrific singer!..♥ | Reviewer: chanzy | 10/2/09

Oh my gOsh! You're so adorable. I love your songs espeially "Keep Believing and I'm all about you". The songs are really that amazing and nice to the ears. Everytime I hear your voice I feel like I'm at ease. Thanks to your songs and to the cOmposer who have trusted you. More power to you and Good luck on your career.

God Bless!

omg | Reviewer: keirah | 7/2/09

i am a 12 year old girl who is absalotly mezmarized by you you are cute,funny,and an awesome singer!!!!i have loved you're music since i was like 2 i met you once at walmart in jacksonville florida you kinda scribbles you're name so i came back and made you redo it it was hilarious you did it too then gave me a hug and a peck on the cheek and i almoist died but point is i love you and you;re musicc

Aaron Goes Crazy | Reviewer: Tamika | 4/14/09

Aaron used to be amazing. Everyone would look up to him. Until...

Aaron accused his own mother of taking thousands of dollars away from him. They finally came to a truce. He does drugs now. I remember me and my sister dancing and singing to all of his songs but now it doesn't mean anything. I looked up to him as my hero. I cry when listening to his songs cause those things the he WILL regret later in life.

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