Aaliyah Albums

  • Ultimate Album (10/5/2005)
    One In A Million
    If Your Girl Only Knew
    Hot Like Fire
    The One I Gave My Heart To
    Got to Give It Up
    4 Page Letter
    We Need a Resolution
    Rock the Boat
    More Than a Woman
    I Care 4 U
    Try Again
    Back and Forth
    Are You That Somebody
    Don't Know What to Tell Ya
    Miss You
    At Your Best
    Are U Feelin' Me
    Messed Up
    Come Back in One Piece
    I Don't Wanna
    Man Undercover
    John Blaze
    I Am Music
    More Than A Woman
    Hold On
    Aaliyah Story

  • Maximum Aaliyah Album (8/31/2004)
    Intro/A Flame Still Burns
    Born to Sing
    High School Hop
    Plucked Like a Rose
    Broken In
    A Different Beat
    Movie Queen
    Work It Out
    The Dark Side
    An Eclipse of the Sun
    Never Forgotten

  • I Care 4 U Album (12/10/2002)
    Back And Forth
    Are You That Somebody
    One In A Million
    I Care 4 U
    More Than A Woman
    Don't Know What To Tell Ya
    Try Again
    All I Need
    Miss You
    Don't Worry
    Come Over
    Erica Kane
    At Your Best
    Got To Give It Up (New Remix)

  • Aaliyah Album (7/17/2001)
    We Need A Resolution
    Loose Rap
    Rock The Boat
    More Than A Woman
    Never No More
    I Care 4 U
    Extra Smooth
    Read Between The Lines
    You Got Nerve
    I Refuse
    It's Whatever
    I Can Be
    Those Were The Days
    What If
    You Messed Up

  • One In A Million Album (8/27/1996)
  • Age Ain't Nothing But A Number Album (1/1/1994)

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    Reviews about Aaliyah albums

    Awesome! | Reviewer: Nita
        ------ About the album I Care 4 U performed by Aaliyah

    this album is one of her bests. aaliyah was truely the best. This album shows how much shes missed and how much we all loved her. thank you aaliyah for everything! you were truley and angel on earth

    Aaliyah's Debut Album | Reviewer: olivia
        ------ About the album Age Ain't Nothing But A Number performed by Aaliyah

    I love the album. For those who haven't heard it they should get it. It's definitely a soul and rnb album full of soft ballads and mellow beats that you can listen to and just chill.

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