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One of the numerous thoughtful, literate gangsta rappers to
emerge from New York during the mid-'90s, AZ never garnered
the attention of peers like Nas and Jay Z. Instead, he saw
his debut album, Doe or Die, become a critical favorite in
late 1995 before his career suddenly went downhill after
such modest and short-lived success. Critics and b-boys
alike celebrated AZ and his debut album for a literate
approach to the gangsta lifestyle. Like his aforementioned
peers Nas and Jay Z, AZ not only brought intelligence to
his rhymes but More...

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Review about AZ songs
this guy blows don't read his lyrics | Reviewer: this guy
    ------ About the song Make Believe performed by AZ

this guy did a horrible job and submitting these lyrics, he left out more then half the song and what he did submit more then half of its wrong anyway

whats not to say?!!1 | Reviewer: Alajiah Jacobs
    ------ About the song Hey AZ (featuring SWV) performed by AZ

AZ is one the best rappers alive, past and present. I dont think he gets the credit he deserves. when people talk about some of the greats, Nas's name comes up, but no one mentions AZ's name. keep doing your thing AZ.

to know more about underground hipop | Reviewer: bufalo
    ------ About the song Essence (featuring Nas) performed by AZ

if the undergroundhippop is still be like the hippop mcs like 2pac,odb big,killerpriest, and alot to mention i will mention to you. becos with the hippop dooms, i have join the gruop all
the undergrounfblackshaolinmonkzz and that we deal vividily with underground hippop and to mention aholot we hv mcs like shocker,villagepot who was born of underground lyricses and than the least but not the last bufalo(aka)apcrapthepa if you all can corperate us as to spread hippop all over mama africa and beyond onelove to you all respeck.jah,rastafireh
thnakx alot

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