AZ Albums

  • L.O.D.B: Last Of A Dying Breed Album (6/4/2013)
    We MoViN
    86 Remix
    Body Rock
    Thank You
    Go Getta
    Life on the Line
    Royal Salute
    Professional Style
    The Format
    Exhibit AZ
    Make Believe
    How Ya Livin'
    Gimme Yours
    Rather Unique
    Life's A Bitch
    Firm Biz Remix
    Firm Biz
    Magic Hour
    Doin That

  • Legendary Album (6/2/2009)
    Before It's All Said & Done
    Livin' The Life
    Money Makes The World Go Round
    Get Money

  • Final Call: The Lost Tapes Album (11/11/2008)
    You Know
    No Strings
    Live Wire
    Magic Hour
    Let Me Know

  • N.4.L. (Niggaz 4 Life) Album (5/1/2008)
    Knowledge Freedom
    Runaway Slave
    I'm That Nigga

  • Undeniable Album (4/1/2008)
  • The Format Album (11/7/2006)
  • A.W.O.L Album (9/6/2005)
  • Decade 1994-2004 Album (10/26/2004)
  • AZiatic Album (6/11/2002)
  • 9 Lives Album (6/21/2001)
  • Pieces Of A Man Album (4/7/1998)
  • Doe Or Die Album (10/10/1995)

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