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ATC Biography

Last updated: 06/06/2011 12:00:00 PM

ATC (A TOUCH OF CLASS) is the fortuitous result of four great talents from different corners of the world - Australia, Italy, England, and New Zealand - that turned a friendship into a global smash sensation. Their irresistible breakout single, Around the World (la la la la la), has already ranked ATC as international chart toppers, award winners and multiple-award nominees. With ATC's Republic/Universal Records debut CD Planet Pop arriving in America on February 6, 2001, the dynamic, upbeat dance grooves, enticing ballads, and sexy pop songs of ATC will truly find a common ground with music fans around the world.

Based in Hamburg, Germany, ATC is compromised of early twenty-somethings Joe (New Zealand), Sarah (Australia), Tracey (England), and Livio (Northern Italy) who met as cast members in the German production of Cats. While proving their dance skills in Cats, it was the foursome's vocal crafts honed since childhood that propelled them into a best-selling pop act. As Joe recalls, "We really wanted to show the strenght of our voices and not just our dancing. We all had the same pop dreams. We're all just as stong as singers as we are dancers. In our live performances we have a massive dance show, but it's the songs that show all our talents."

Their premiere single "Around the World (la la la la la)" has been embraced with unprecedented airplay and soaring singles sales. This overseas summer smash stayed at number one on the German singles charts for 7 weeks, and reached platinum status. It was played over 1500 times in one week across Germany, becoming the most frequently played song ever on German radio, a distinction previously held by Madonna. ATC has since reached the number one sales position in France, and received gold record status in Austria, Switzerland, France, and Denmark, while selling over one million units throughout Europe. Early U.S. reaction includes heavy rotation at L.A.'s KIIS, Houston's KRBE, KHKS in Dallas, and Tampa's WFLZ.

Thomas M. Stein, CEO of the Bertelsmann Entertainment Group for Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Eastern Europe was eager to foster ATC's musical sawy and hit-making potential after hearing them perform their songs. He quickly put them in contact with top producer Alex Christensen (Rollergirl, U96, Marky Mark, Tom Jones), and the rest is history. The winning collaboration led to Around the World la la la la la which went on to garner nominations at home for the Comet 2000 award for "National Newcomer" the Eins Live award for "Best Single of the Year," and ultimately a win for the Goldene Europa in the "Summer Hit 2000" category.