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With his debut single "9 PM (Till I Come)" released under the project name ATB, André Tanneberger made the big leap forward to become one of the top acts in the international Dance scene.

But let's start at the very beginning:

The parents of André Tanneberger, who was born in 1973 in the then GDR town of Freiberg (Thuringia), left the old East Germany in 1984 to try their luck in the West. On his weekends at the end of the Eighties André often went to the Tarm Center in Bochum, where he is the resident DJ today, to listen to DJ sets from Thomas Kukula. In 1992 he decided to make music himself. Equipped with an Amiga computer and a small synthesizer his first compositions were produced in his bedroom. Through a friend he finally met Thomas Kukula a.k.a. General Base, who was clearly impressed by André's first experiments and offered him the use of his studio to put the finishing touches to the songs he had prepared. In the studio, next to a lot of other equipment, André spotted a synthesizer called Sequential Pro One, which gave him the idea for the name of his first project Sequential One.

"Dance", André Tanneberger's first single as Sequential One, was finally released in February 1993 and this was followed by other, Techno-oriented releases. André was slowly setting up his own little studio.

André, however, did not make his real breakthrough until "9 PM (Till I Come)", which was released under the name ATB on Kontor Records. This explosive mix of lively dance beats and the unique, characteristic ATB guitar became a massive hit throughout the world. André also entered all important international charts with his follow-up singles "Don't Stop" and "Killer", a cover of the Adamski classic, and the success of the three hits inspired him to record his first album "Movin' Melodies". André, however, has had a great deal of success not only as a producer but also as a remixer, making tracks by artists such as Moby, William Orbit and A-HA fit for the dance floor.

For his second studio album "Two Worlds" ATB had a very special idea. He wanted to produce both a Dance and a Chill-out album. So, what could be more obvious than a double album!

CD1 is a digression into the Dance world while CD 2 contains unusual, relaxing sounds à la "Café Del Mar". For "Two Worlds" André was assisted by the crème de la crème of pop music. Heather Nova added to two ATB songs with her unmistakable voice and ATB's great influence Michael Cretu a.k.a. Enigma also contributed his production skills ("Enigmatic Encounters"). The second single release "The Fields Of Love", a co-operation with York, is a magnificent combination of the different musical influences of both stars.

ATB's new single "Let U Go" is sung by the female lead vocalist of the "Wild Strawberries", a Canadian rock band. It is fascinating how the different musical genres go together so perfectly. "I'm a lateral thinker. I also like trying out weird things, I try to mix different styles," explains André.

And this concept will undoubtedly lead to another success!

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confused | Reviewer: emily denson | 1/18/12

I feel silly doing this. im not computer savy. as a matter of fact i have so much energy to burn that its hard to spend this much time on this thing. Anyway, just wanted you to know how much your mixes touch my spirit and i always pray for you. I feel you are very alone. So I think its very important that you know how you effect MMMMAAANNNYYY people. God Bless, I pray you find what it is you are looking for. em

Black Nights - ATB | Reviewer: Modjo | 8/25/09

So I have 2 questions
1. who is the vocalist in Black Nights?
2. who can explain this song for me! many things arent really clear, I could interpret them my own waym, but I think it would be helpful if someone else helped! like what is it meant with (RGBY, this photo says am taken!) RGBY is red green blue yellow is that right? I think she means its basic, like the basic colors, I dont know! u can always send me an email.

xtacycal | Reviewer: atb_hooked aka UD | 12/29/08

He's one o d gr8st DJ alive 2day who's hip & happening wid d kinda dream music he makes.he's in another league & is unparalled...u`d find his tracks vry intoxicatin & aphrodisiacally mellow..go get ur ass movin to get his cd..plz use buy he's trks..he aint worth piratin..b orginal fr atb

One of the best DJs ever | Reviewer: Alex | 6/3/07

If Heaven was a dance club, you would hear ATB's music playing. His music draws an array of different indescribable feelings out of you with smooth, mellow sounds or with a subtle intensity. Awesome dj, awesome tracks, cool lyrics. It's sublime and he's a master at it.

He is a real fucking master!! | Reviewer: BN | 6/8/05

The best DJ in the world in my opinion..he knows what to do...every album you see something new at the same time with the same I strongly recommend you to buy his albums......his kinda music is unique....Dream Music is his own invention.......check his last album No month his 6th album will be out....Seven Years is the name of dont hesitate ...just move your ass out and buy this shit

One of the Best | Reviewer: Sebastian aka Frank Bank | 1/26/05

One of the best dj's out there. All of his albums are great and each one has moved leaps and bounds forward, never doing the same beat twice.

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