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My name is Asher Roth also known as Asher Paul Roth and my
friends say I'm the truth. I started rapping a little bit
ago. They say I'm poetic. I say I'm nice. See me.

To answer your questions, yes I'm skinny, yes I rapped 150
bars to Jay-Z in his office on the spot, yes I have porn on
my computer, yes Scooter Braun found me rapping in my dorm
room and signed me off of myspace, yes I throw keg parties
every Sunday, and yes Steve Rifkind (Wu-tang, Akon, David
Banner, Big Pun, Loud Records, SRC, etc. etc.) calls me the
"best lyricist More...

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not right lyrics | Reviewer:
    ------ About the song Sour Patch Kids performed by ASher Roth

First of all cannot is one word. Second who ever posted this is a moron. Its Che not "chay". Che Guevara was the best revolutionary leader of his time and is the most printed face of anybody else all over the world including Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ how dumb are you? So many stupid errors.

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