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After midnight, we're gonna let it all hang down.
After midnight, we're gonna chug-a-lug and shout.
We're gonna stimulate some action;
We're gonna get some satisfaction.
We're gonna find out what it is all about.
After midnight, we're gonna let it all hang down.

After midnight, we're gonna shake your tambourine.
After midnight, it's all gonna be peaches and cream.
We're gonna cause talk and suspicion;
We're gonna give an exhibition.
We're gonna find out what it is all about.
After midnight, we're gonna let it all hang down.

After midnight, we're gonna let it all hang down.

[Repeat Second Verse]

After midnight, we're gonna let it all hang down.
After midnight, we're gonna let it all hang down.
After midnight, we're gonna let it all hang down.
After midnight, we're gonna let it all hang down.

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A different take by someone who's been a guitarist for 45 years | Reviewer: name withheld by request | 8/29/14

I don't understand how all of you Clapton haters can spout the b.s. you're spouting.
1st - Clapton and J.J. Cale have been good friends and close musical friends for decades. Cale has written 6 songs that Clapton has recorded - only 6 out of the hundreds Eric has recorded. They just happen to be great tunes, which is a compliment for J.J. Cale, and a compliment for Clapton who recognized a great songwriter when he heard him.
2nd - Clapton is the writer of about 40% of the songs he has recorded, with the other 60% being written by other people. This is nothing new, and there is nothing and I mean nothing wrong with this approach, as long as the proper royalties are paid to the writers, and I've never heard anything of substance being reported that all those royalties and fees haven't been paid. Why would someone of Eric Clapton's stature ever take the chance and not pay what is properly owed to others.
3rd - The songs Clapton has recorded and played in concert that were written by others, such as J.J. Cale, has made those writers famous and wealthy in a way they could not have attained if Eric hadn't taken an interest in their music. Eric Clapton has helped many, many musicians and artists, and it has been as much for their benefit as it has been for Clapton.
4th - the constant argument about who is better: Hendrix or Clapton or Duane Allman or Buddy Guy or Dicky Betts or anyone else is a moot point. Playing guitar is not a competition, it is all about playing your style the best you can play it. Also, (and this is an important point), playing fast does not make one a great guitarist. Being great is about playing the "right" note, in the "right"' place, at the "right" time. Being fast is only one aspect out of 50 that goes into making a "great" guitarist. There's plenty of room for as many great guitarists as you want.
5th - J.J. Cale has nothing against touring, in fact he has been nearly constantly on the road for the past 45 years, it's just that he has not played many big venues. He's played mostly bars and night clubs and small venues all over the world. I heard him in Phoenix in 1998 at a small concert where he opened for Peter Frampton. There were probably 2000 people in the audience which would make it a small concert at most. J.J. Cale is a lot like Jerry Jeff Walker who never in his long career played for more than a few hundred people at a time, but will be known as one of the great American songwriters and performers.

Songs meaning | Reviewer: Juan | 5/20/13

The real issue is the meaning of this song.

After midnight refers to sex magic, specifically molesting kids while they are sleeping or drugged. The lyrics say, we're gonna cause talk and suspicion, then goes on to say we're gonna give an exhibition. This song is talking about naked kids, nothing else, nothing less.

For another Clapton song that discusses the same see Laylah. Don't believe me? Laylah is the heroine of Crowley's Book of Lies. It refers to the virgin, or female child, and the exquisite sensory awakening that molesting a little girl gives the practitioner of 'sex magic', aka, child molesting.

He says, You've got me on my knees, meaning down talking with a little girl.

Yep, welcome to 'free love'.

Eric Clapton and JJ Cale Go A Long Way Back In Time | Reviewer: Steve | 1/30/13

You're not disappointing anyone. Don't know what your beef is with Mr Clapton, but anyone who has followed Eric Clapton's music career over the decades knows that a lot of different people have written for him. Is Clapton a parasite for recording and performing a popular version of "I Shot the Sheriff" by Bob Marley. No!! In fact Eric and JJ Cale put together an album just a few years ago. JJ Cale is a brilliant musician and writer, but he doesn't like to tour. So he writes for other folks, mainly who put different arrangements and producers on the music. Many modern artists don't write nearly all of the music that they perform in their shows, no matter the genre: Rock in its many forms, Blues, Hip Hop, Rap, Country, Classical, Jazz, OomPah Band, Etc. That's why there are writer's royalties & performers royalties. Eric Clapton will tell you himself that there are many things in his life he isn't proud of from his younger days, but performing JJ Cale songs is not one of those issues. I believe they are good friends, if not very good. Don't call him a parasite for recording and performing the music his friend wrote. In fact, Clapton may be many things, but being a parasite is not one of them.

in defence of clapton | Reviewer: duane | 12/31/12

in response to denzel...Clapton has compensated those people and has permission to sing those songs...jj cale has allowed Clapton to sing a few of his writings..Clapton's not the only artist who does that..but he also wrote most of the music and does his own material as well

Not Capton | Reviewer: denzl | 12/28/12

Eric Clapton is a parasite he has made lots of money and gained fame (fairplay to him i suppose)when some of his most famous songs were written by some-one else namely J.J.Cale who wrote and sang Cocaine.After Midnight.And Magnolia. maybe more i dont know.
Sorry to disappoint any of his fans (err no im not).
for confirmation you can go to (allmusic)its a very good and accurate site
thanks for your time

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