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Have you ever thought about your soul - can it be saved?
Or perhaps you think that when you're dead you just stay in your grave
Is God just a thought within your head or is he a part of you?
Is Christ just a name that you read in a book when you were in school?

When you think about death do you lose your breath or
do you keep your cool?
Would you like to see the Pope on the end of a rope
do you think he's a fool?
Well I have seen the truth, yes I've seen the light and I've changed my ways
And I'll be prepared when you're lonely and scared at the end of our days

Could it be you're afraid of what your friends might say
IF THEY KNEW you believed in God above?
They should realize before they criticize
that God is the only way to love

Is your mind so small that you have to fall
In with the pack wherever they run
Will you still sneer when death is near
And say they may as well worship the sun?

I think it was true it was people like you that crucified Christ
I think it is sad the opinion you had was the only one voiced
Will you be so sure when your day is near, say you don't believe?
You had the chance but you turned it down, now you can't retrieve

Perhaps you'll think before you say that God is dead and gone
Open your eyes, just realize that he's the one
The only one who can save you now from all this sin and hate
Or will you jeer at all you hear? Yes! I think it's too late.

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Not fooled by satan | Reviewer: Ziggy StarDust | 1/4/14

It's true, Black Sabbath were indeed a band of faith.
Despite substance abuse, they were very highly intelligent people. Only a cowardly imbecile would deny the existence of God. Heterophobic college professors have managed to corrupt some young minds into convincing them that there is no God. I pray for them that they wake up out of the haze they are put into by government corrupted curriculum.

We have to lead by example. If you still deny God, I suggest you grab ahold of your ears tightly and pull your heads fully out of your asses.

We have scientists make stuff from a cell, but we will never be able to actually create a cell from nothing. Inside the cell are life's building blocks. Only a supreme power could have ever created it.

God bless you all.


lyrics or prophetic poetry? | Reviewer: kat | 12/4/13

in the days since ozzy first sang those lyrics to after forever they have only grown more phones are the gods of modern times. Children of the grave was better received by our parents it was a statement against Vietnam and our generation should take a listen nothing's changed except a lack of social commentary and progressive action

Wiki | Reviewer: Mike | 10/10/12

The lyrics of the song "After Forever", written by Geezer Butler,[4] a proclaimed Catholic,[citation needed] focus entirely on Christian themes. Although the album jacket credits Iommi alone as the composer of this song, the Black Sabbath Black Box Set refutes the album jacket credit and gives credit to this song (along with "Orchid" and "Embryo") to all four band members in keeping with their wishes to remain a democratic band. At the time, some viewed Black Sabbath as Satanists (which the band had consistently denied) due to their dark sound, image and lyrics. "After Forever" was released as a single along with "Fairies Wear Boots" in 1971.[5][6] Rolling Stone reviewer Lester Bangs criticized the Christian theme of "After Forever", but welcomed the arrangement,[7] while Wilson & Alroy's called the guitar sound "crude but effective".[8]

AFTER FOREVER by Black Sabbath | Reviewer: Andy King of All | 4/17/12

I noticed one of the earlier reviewers clearly had no idea what he was waffling on about.
You will notice the review i am refferring to as it stands out like a dirty nappy.
Black Sabbath are without any doubt the greatest heavy rock band that has ever lived.
If joe public does not get what they were or were not about then that speaks volumes on the lack of intelligence within our society.
They were a heavy rock band.
Not Gods or Emperors for petes sake. They made music that millions of people with more than half a brain enjoyed and still enjoy many years further on down the line.
Basically, if you dont listen to Black sabbath ( old or newer ) and get what they were all about, then really you should apply for a job in poundland.

Dont be stupid you moron! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/2/12

Because a band sings about a certain subject in a song, doesnt mean its what they believe, it was probably something they saw or heard that gave them an idea for a song. Black Sabbath, at the time, were into all the same things oters were into, the drugs, the girls, the occult, wizards, fairys and black magic, heaven and hell... that was what the fans liked too, or else they would never have been as well known as they are. Shoot, Led Zeppelin's own jimmy page was into all that stuff... all that warlock and dark world BS and no one calls Led Zep evil.


Ozzy,after years of singing about the dark side.and i wont say the devil or god. just good & evil, But after many years of singing about,how can you not live about,the dark side.I personally beleive ozzy was at odds with himself throughout this entire album.Used it as a way to somewhat atone for his recently past "wicked ways" and tried to find his true calling musically,lyrically,spiritually. You could say "lord of this world" is kinda preachy too.Against the "Dark side" & "Embryo" I sence an egg ready to be reborn. "Into the void" well I dont know,got my own veiws on that one,non spiritual or religious,just a cool fucking song,Thats why I named my Sab cover band ITV back in92. Been listening to sabbath since I was 8 in '76 running around the house with a cape on,listen to Paranoid on 8 track, screaming "I am Iron man'" Dropped acid when I hit 14 and the rest-of what i can remember-is history.Not many things i know to well in this world ,but after 35 years of being in music with Sabbath being my biggest influence,one thing i do know is where John Osbournes head was.Follow the chronological timeline of his albums and lyrics.Granted 90% of them were metaphorical and mysterical in nature.but he did bleed his feelings out in a strong 10% of "HIS" lyrics. From his first band "EARTH" in mid 60s to 1978s last album,its been a very heavy message of true life.The immortal battle of Good vs Evil, whether it be in your soul or the world as a whole. Ozzys' soul will live on ,DAGGA-

Mez | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/24/12

Sabbath are singing the song from the listeners prospective, not for thier own personnel beliefs. Any real sabbath fan worth thier salt would know that. The beatles sang about maxwells silver hammer, it dont mean they are mass murderers does it.

After Forever??? | Reviewer: ItIzI | 1/8/12

LOVE Black Sabbath of old. It is to the credit of my younger brother, Gene, who opened my eyes to After Forever. It will be one of my ever favorites.
Rest In young bro...I love and miss you dearly.

Think about it... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/4/11

This is the best song I've ever heard and one of the most accurate views on life I've ever heard ... and before you insult me .. think about life .. and if you still don't understand well then you just won't ever get it.. And like it says ...... "I'll be prepared when you're lonely and scared at the end of our days"

Idiots | Reviewer: Big Mike | 1/12/11

This song was written by Geezer, the only catholic in the band, hence the lyric about the pope.

Sabbath was never about anti-god, the songs are a warning about the devil, not promoting him.

Read Ozzy's book, listen to interviews, you will see he is a very religious man.

Its the same with the racist idiots that think Ozzy is racist. Listen to the song "Fairies wear boots" they are talking about when Bill Ward got jumped and beat by a group of skinheads. "Fairies with boots dancing with a dwarf." The dwarf was meant to be Ward because he was so short. Skinhead racists are fairies in boots.

BACK SABBATH (black sabbath tribute) | Reviewer: t-bone | 5/29/10

we're a tribute to sabbath "BACK SABBATH" & play this one as well and people are always surprised by the message when they stop and look at the lyrics. this song works great's SOOOOO HEAVY!!! Great riff - Great lyrics. God rules and Jesus rocks!!!

truth | Reviewer: R | 5/21/10

A good song with an interesting message, and considering all the fighting in these comments it certainly must make you think. It definatly made me do a double take on this song and look up the lyrics.

listen idiots | Reviewer: chance | 3/29/10

first of all very few of you know music because if you did you would realize that just because you sing about it or play it that doesnt mean it is what you believe that just means you think it is good music. if you know sabbath then you know that they sing about both satan and god they never state whether they believe in either. take the music for what it is MUSIC. its nothing more.

"latch" IS A CUNT | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/17/10

tony iommi wrote this song you dumb fuck "latch" you are shit stain on black sabbaths asshole. you motherfucker. you maggot cocked cunt face chicken shit cunt nugget i hate you so much i want to shoot your face cunt. your fucking dead you motherfucker. your parents are tied up in my bondage chamber right now you piece of shit, a chinese midget is down there putting his little asian cock in there assholes as we speak.

rules | Reviewer: coochie | 1/15/10

After forever is one of the best songs that sabbath ever wrote. They wrote it because people were sayng they were 'satanic". They wrote it because it is whats real. It sends chills up my spine now and has been sinse they first realeased it. It absolutely rules.

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